XDEFI Wallet Raises US$ 19M In IDO And Launches Liquidity Program

With XDEFI Wallet, you can store, receive and send your digital assets irrespective of their native chain. All you need to do is install it as a web browser extension on Chrome or Brave (with Firefox in the works). From there, it is possible to interact with blockchain applications and access everything the decentralized web has to offer.

Our exclusive “Ape Mode” is an enhanced functionality that helps ensure transactions processing in the next block across Terra, THORchain, Ethereum, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks.

The wallet also displays NFTs from 9+ chains in a single drag-and-drop grid. XDEFI Wallet’s team of around 30 (and hiring) is backed by some of the leading names in the DeFi and NFTs industries.

The Successful $19 million XDEFI Wallet IDO

XDEFI browser-based wallet successfully concluded its IDO on Sushi’s MISO launchpad, where it raised US$ 19.4 million.

Commenting on the development, XDEFI Wallet CEO Émile Dubié said:

“We are extremely grateful to our community members for their support and faith in the project. We intend to use the IDO funds to develop a suite of products around the wallet, including a mobile app, web app, cross-chain API, and a multichain DEX aggregator.”

As for the future of XDEFI, Émile added:

“We also plan to embark on a strong recruitment drive to continue to grow our XDEFI team by attracting some of the best available talents in the market.”

Who are the Project’s Early Investors?

Ahead of the IDO, the company raised US$ 6 million from a host of leading investors such as Alameda, CoinGecko, Mechanism Capital, Sino Global Capital, DeFiance Capital, Morningstar Ventures, and Animoca Brands, as well as DeFi proponents like Mark Zeller and Darren Lau.

What are the XDEFI Wallet Benefits?

Apart from the exclusive “Ape Mode” that ensures transactions get into the next block 99% of the time, multiple chains can use XDEFI Wallet.

XDEFI Wallet offers automatic NFT detection and a customizable drag-and-drop display grid. In addition, a “Buy Crypto” option allows users to bring their fiat into DeFi via third-party provider Ramp.

Their service has already amassed more than 60,000 Chrome Store users to date.

What are the $XDEFI Token Uses?

Delphi Digital designed the $XDEFI token and will power the broader XDEFI Wallet ecosystem, including funding emerging DeFi and NFT projects.

$XDEFI holders will be able to stake their tokens, receive swap fees rebates, claim to stake rewards, and participate in governance systems. Further, P2E (Play-to-Earn) initiative will use the $XDEFI token primed to go live sometime in Q1 2022.

Migrating from Terra Station to XDEFI Wallet

To migrate from Terra Station to XDEFI Wallet is pretty straightforward:

‌1. Download and install the latest available version of XDEFI Wallet on your web browser.

2. Open the XDEFI Wallet extension and click on ‘Let’s get started’

3. Click on Restore XDEFI Wallet, and select ‘Restore with the secret phrase’

4. Enter your Terra Station secret phrase, then proceed to select a new password for this new XDEFI Wallet

5. Name your wallet and click on the ‘Next’ button, making sure to choose whether or not to make XDEFI Wallet is used by default

6. Click on ‘Complete,’ and you’re done.

You’re now ready to use the browser extension by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your web browser!

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