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Blockster (BXR) Token

Buy and hold BXR tokens to access our platform where you can publish stories, advertise your NFTs and promote your events.

BXR Token Utilities

Blockster is a token-gated platform. All members must hold BXR tokens to unlock features within the platform.

Publish Stories

Buy and hold BXR to publish stories and promote your Web3 brand on Blockster.

Blockster Page

Buy and hold BXR to create and promote your public facing members page.

NFT Advertising

Buy and hold BXR to display ads for your NFTs across the platform.

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Highly Secure

We never hold your tokens

Self custody is at the heart of Blockster. When you use our platform to swap ETH into BXR, you are transacting with an independent smart contract that instantly and trustlessly sends BXR directly to your connected wallet.