Blockster Loyalty Program

Earn $BXR tokens for sharing our stories.


Powered by $BXR

Join the Blockster Web3 Army

It’s free to get started—all you need is your email to create your wallet account. Once we validate your linked social accounts, you’ll receive your free NFT that enables you to start sharing stories and earning $BXR tokens.

How It Works

Everyday, within the Blockster platform, you’ll discover new stories to share onto various social networks like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn and more. Once your share is complete and validated, $BXR tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet account within Blockster.

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Upgrade To Higher Tiers

Members can also earn more rewards per share by upgrading their accounts to higher tier NFT memberships. Either collect your $BXR from sharing or buy more $BXR to upgrade to higher memberships to earn 2x, 5x, and even 10x more rewards for sharing stories.

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BXR Token Economy

Blockster will share 50% of its revenues from advertisers with the Blockster community. The revenues received from advertisers will be used to buy Polygon $BXR tokens on Uniswap — likewise, members can swap their $BXR tokens for other cryptocurrencies on Uniswap.

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Launching Soon

Web3 Powered Network

The Pilot Program is set to kick off this Summer 2023 with our first round of members, and we will gradually onboard more members as the demand from advertisers grows.