Wood Woof – "Doge" Meme NFT Sells For Record $4 Million!

The Doge meme

Soon someone on Reddit dubbed the picture “Doge,” referencing a flash cartoon called “Homestar Runner,” and the name stuck. In just three years, the crypto’s most famous Shiba Inu would become the inspiration behind DogeCoin – but that’s a whole different story I already told in one of the previous posts.

How much is that Doge NFT in the window?

Anyway, back to Atsuko: on the 8th of July, she listed the Doge meme NFT at the Zora auction, along with some other photos of Kabosu. On July 11th, @pleasrdao won the auction with a bid of 1,696.9 ETH (4 million dollars at the time of the deal), making “Doge” the most expensive meme NFT ever sold. According to NBC News, part of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the World Food Programme, and some other charities.

Another photo of Kabosu, apparently taken on the same day, was also sold as an NFT on Zora for 1,000 USDC or $990.00. Apart from these two, the auction features Sad Doge, Feisty Doge, Cuddly doge, and more: go check them out if you feel like a portion of Doge cuteness.

NFT records

Whilst there is definitely a market for meme NFTs, the overall NFT market has also been breaking records with other auctions. Of course, it is still early days, and in an emerging market, records will continuously be set and broken.

NFTs are without doubt one of the most exciting aspects of the crypto world at the moment and it might not be long before another meme NFT breaks the Doge NFT record. With so many popular memes out there, it goes without saying that the market will be interested in further meme NFTs.

What are your thoughts on NFT memes? Would you buy one and which meme would you like to see as the next meme NFT?

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