Women Who Defy – Empowering Women With Crypto Defy Trends

If you’ve ever tried to learn about cryptocurrency on your own, it can be confusing.

The industry is full of acronyms, slang, and cryptic candlestick charts. To a newcomer, it can feel like learning a foreign language.

Defy Trends was created to shed some light on the DeFi space and empower women through cryptocurrency investment technology and community initiatives.

Defy Trends is, according to their website, “an AI and data-driven crypto intelligence platform that helps investors and businesses make confident crypto and NFT investment decisions with our actionable insights and quality information. Everything you need in one dashboard.”

The women behind Defy Trends seek to take some guesswork out of investing. They also want to educate more broadly and bring women together to feel successful in the cryptocurrency environment.

Defy Trends’s founders include four diverse women: Imge Su Cetin, Elena Garidis, Masha Prusso, and Daniel Henao Moreno. They have recently made Miami their home.

Each woman brings a unique skill set to the endeavor. One is a data scientist, another is a former JP Morgan analyst, and the third is a community organizer with a background in leadership. When they combined forces, the result was a new enterprise.

Defy Trends provides both off-chain and on-chain analytics to help their users truly understand the market. Here’s what they claim to do:

  • Defy Trends Score – An aggregate score from 0-100 for each coin, allowing you to compare coins and see which coins are under-or overvalued.
  • Social Sentiment – We scrape over one million data sources to give you real-time sentiment about each coin. Data sources include YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, TikTok, Github, Medium, and Reddit.
  • On-Chain Analytics – We process on-chain data from multiple chains to create comprehensive technical analytics such as active addresses, transaction rate, and wallet tracking.
  • NFT Analytics – We incorporate both on-chain data, such as sales volume, minting activity, and wallet tracking, and off-chain data, such as social sentiment and community growth, to help you find quality projects and undervalued NFTs.
  • Forecasting – We forecast market trends using our robust models to help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Whale Tracking – We label whale wallets so you can get insights on holdings, trading patterns, and foresee possible market-moving events

Pretty impressive. And it seems like these four leaders have thought of everything, including ensuring that a community is growing right alongside them.

Analytics are great, but they are useless if no one can explain them. Defy Trends works hard to make sure no one will be left in the dark, and they are incredibly excited to introduce women to the DeFi industry.

The Ambassador Program

Defy Trends has launched an ambassador program which provides a unique opportunity to become a leader of a local chapter.

Defy Trends will provide all new ambassadors with training, resources, and mentorship to kickstart their chapter. Chapters will host monthly meetings and provide a support network for local communities.

The company is currently accepting applications for those interested in being ambassadors for their community.

North Miami is now their home base, but the company seeks to educate all women about DeFi no matter where they live, and both women and the crypto industry alike will be better for it in the end.

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