Women In Web3 — Blockster’s Top 10 List

Women In Web3. NFT art by @mich_tom

The women of Web3 are not only building and creating in this new space of technology, but they are doing so in a highly male-dominated industry with high barriers to entry. A small percentage of Web3 founders and leaders in the space are women, but Blockster’s Women in Web3 Top 10 List highlights the bold women who are leading the way in creating a more diverse and inclusive Web3.

Take a look at Blockster’s Women In Web3 Top 10 List for July.

Adriana Arce

Founder & CEO, Hauss of Power Los Angeles, California

Adriana Arce is the founder and CEO of Hauss of Power, a media company that promotes women empowerment through an unprecedented NFT experience, ‘Nice F*cking Titties’ (‘NFTs’).

Adriana is a successful business executive in the music industry, starting as a music artist herself to managing Miley Cyrus for nearly a decade and becoming Vice President of REBEL where she manages top talent like Lil Nas X.

In August 2021, Adriana delved into the Web3 world after realizing the potential of NFTs and how they could revolutionize the music industry. ‘Nice F*cking Titties’ is a unique, sexy, female empowered NFT project with portions of its profits being dedicated toward the fight against abortion restriction laws.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Web3 is all community based. You get to choose your tribe and build and support each other based on your common interests. This is very empowering. Women having the opportunity to own what they invest their funds in and how they invest their time.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Everybody in the space is a student. We’re all learning in real time as the technology is developing in front of us. Stay persistent.

Connect: Twitter: @adrianaarce_ Instagram: @adrianaarce_ LinkedIn: Adriana Arce TikTok: @dridrisings

Jordyn Benedict aka TAROT 

Artist, Songwriter, ProducerNashville, Tennessee

TAROT is an indie pop/alternative R&B artist utilizing NFTs and tools on the blockchain to expand her “Soul Tribe” community, fuel her career as the CEO of her music, and blaze a path for future artists. Earning a degree in Songwriting and Music Business, Jordyn emerged as a recording artist and songwriter under the name, TAROT.

When she first came across NFTs, Jordyn was drawn to the sense of community built around art. After learning about music NFTs, she realized that a direct relationship is formed between the creator and consumer in a way that has never been seen before in the digital era.

TAROT jumped into Web3 head first in February 2021 when she decided to release a new song everyday for a month that she wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed in a TarotSings Music NFT Marathon.

Since entering Web3, Tarot has released 28 individual 1/1 Music NFTs on Zora, 11 editions of a music video on Glass.xyz, a 1/1 drop on Mint Songs V2, and her own TAROT artist token.

She is also the Head of Artist Relations at Reveel, a revenue share protocol that allows a trustless, gas efficient, and composable way to distribute Web3 earnings with collaborators. Tarot is also bringing Web3 culture to music city as the host of CryptoMondays Nashville.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Just like any other disruption in technology, there is a window of opportunity for an equal playing field. Through web 3, women can be empowered to be the builders and leaders of this movement and really impact the future of the technology and culture being developed.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Use your creative voice loud and proud! There is no rule book when it comes to navigating the web 3, so now is the time for women to truly make an impact on the space as it continues to grow. There is so much support in the community, and as long as you lead with intention and integrity, the rest will unfold.

Connect: Twitter: @tarotsings Instagram: @tarotsings Facebook: @tarotsings TikTok: @tarotsings LinkedIn: Jordyn Benedict 

Amber Allen

Founder & CEO, Double A LabsAustin, Texas

Amber Allen is the CEO and Founder of Double A Labs. For almost a decade, Double A Labs has been creating experiences and digital worlds for some of the biggest brands. Amber has been building virtual worlds since 2017 when she learned that a frictionless platform was critical for cross-generation communication and essential in any thriving workplace.

She started with fully 3D environments but learned that this did not have mass adoption, so she created a platform that everyone could have access to by building a proprietary metaverse platform that promotes genuine human connection. What inspired Amber to delve into the Web3 space was the data bringing to light the need for a true bridge product.

While Web3 is starting to become synonymous with a decentralized online ecosystem, Amber believes there’s a need for bridge products in the metaverse to prepare users for the next phase.

Double A Labs has been focusing on digital engaging solutions since 2017. She is very passionate about creating experiences and tools that promote human connection and help companies train and engage with employees.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

While $30 Billion was invested in the Web3 ecosystem in 2021, investment in female-founded companies hovered around 2% of all venture funding. A decentralized ecosystem can break up the traditional investment model and empower women to gain greater market share, creating a shift in funding and gender pay.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Go for it. Surround yourself with other amazing people who are on the forefront of change to band together and learn from each other. I’m speaking on a panel next week with some other Web3 leaders about Women in Web3 at Hamptons Tech Week – check it out! 

Connect: Twitter: @doublea_labs Instagram: @doublealabs Facebook: @Double A Labs

Janice Taylor

Founder & CEO, EQ ExchangeU.S. & Canada

Janice Taylor is a 3x founder, author, and advocate for creating financially inclusive digital ecosystems. She spent most of her life committed to healing from early traumas and the connection to financial wellness.

With a background in Psychology, Janice pioneered early technology in children’s digital safety, and she created a groundbreaking healing modality that has been licensed across fintech, mental health and prenatal health.

Her first startup in digital animation and children’s data privacy rights showed Janice the potential of using technology as tools, rather than ways of life. Janice first got into the Web3 space two years ago when she realized the technology could be used proficiently to solve financial inequality across many industries, particularly for women and people of color. 

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Full stop: Financial inclusion and IP ownership particularly for women and people of color. 

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Learn the basics and then dive right in. Web3 is full of tools that can solve problems that have been here for decades so do not be intimidated. Take your time and see how they apply to real life problems we all face. 

Connect: Twitter: @Justbejanice Instagram: @Eq.Exchange LinkedIn: @Janice Taylor

Natalie Salemink

Founder, Skadi LabsCEO, Prismatic

Natalie Salemink is a Founder and CEO who builds protocols in emerging blockchains hoping to achieve the goal of unlocking unrealized business potential in burgeoning ecosystems. She strives to live by the tenets of effective altruism and believes that technology plays an important role in doing the most good.

Natalie’s background is in finance, economics, and data science. She wondered for a long time whether there is a better way to coordinate capital and human resources. In 2015, it immediately made sense to her that one of the first and often forgotten use-cases for crypto is payments, and payment systems are by and large very poorly handled.

She came to the realization that blockchain might be able to fix this ongoing issue. Natalie has been committed full-time to working in the crypto sphere for the past seven years. 

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Web3 provides an opportunity to build a more inclusive, more equitable financial system—and women are an integral part of this more egalitarian version of the financial system. Web3 is inclusive by design and I love to see how welcoming the space is towards women.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

The same advice I would give to anyone who wants to get into web3. Figure out what your strengths are, and what you are confident in, double down on that, and find a way to use it to provide value.

“Be open and optimistic towards new technologies, and keep in mind that the Web3 space and everything around it moves fast. Embrace uncertainty.”

We may not be able to understand the system, but we can dance with it and constantly be adjusting our responses to how it evolves so that we can figure out what novel business models and technologies work best to solve real-world use-cases.

Connect: Twitter: @DeFiChick LinkedIn @Natalie Salemink

Mechell Lord

Photographer & NFT Artist  Tampa, Florida 

Mechell Lord is a Guerilla Style Photographer, NFT Artist, Professional Moderator, and Business Coach of 25 years. She’s also a mom and cervical cancer survivor. Her background before entering the Web3 space was in digital marketing and photography.

After undergoing cancer treatments, Mechell craved human connections and found intimacy and support. As Web3 is being created at this moment, she believes it is connecting humans to culture, knowledge, art, play, music, shopping, and other humans in a way that she’s inspired to grow with. Mechell has been involved in Web3 since 2020.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Web3 is empowering everyone to have a voice and own a stage of their making. Women are building worlds, teaching, moderating, developing and creating in Web3 and we are globally supporting each other through technology.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

As a fan of social voice channels I learn everyday by listening and connecting with folks that are happy to share their Web3 experiences and expertise in Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and on Entre.

Connect: Twitter: @mechelllord Instagram: @mechelllord LinkedIn: Mechell Lord Foundation App: mechelllord

Violetta Zironi

NFT Music ArtistBerlin, Germany

Violetta Zironi is a 27 year old singer-songwriter from northern Italy who’s been making music independently and acting full time for 9 years. Music has been the centerfold of Violetta’s life since the age of 3, where she ended up signing a major record label deal at the age of 18.

She left the label in pursuit of more artistic independence, and spent the following eight years touring, releasing her songs independently, collaborating, acting in movies, and writing songs. 2021 was a tough year for Violetta as a musician, as she was looking for the next chapter in her music career and found that the traditional music industry was almost impossible to penetrate.

On the verge of quitting music entirely, Violetta heard about music NFT’s from her mom, which inspired her to drop everything she was working on and dive deep into Web3.

As of January 2022, Violetta has been making music NFTs and recently sold out a 2500 music NFT collection.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

The great thing about Web3 is the independence it gives you. A woman can easily be a leader in Web3, which is something that’s a lot harder in Web2. Gender, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation — none of this matters in Web3. Personality, drive, commitment and art are the things that matter in Web3. 

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Be yourself. You can finally do that here. Your voice matters, your thoughts matter, people will listen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man. Be confident. The majority of people in Web3 are still men, but don’t let that intimidate you. If you are yourself, they will listen.

Connect: Twitter: @ZironiVioletta Instagram: @violettazironi Facebook: @Violetta Zironi TikTok: @violettazironi

Lizzy Idowu

Social Media Manager & Content Creator, OpenSeaToronto, Canada

Lizzy Idowu is a 26 year old Nigerian Canadian self-taught multi-media artist, creative, and filmmaker. She was one of the first 30 employees of OpenSea, managing social media and content creation for the world’s largest platform for digital goods.

Before entering the Web3 space, Lizzy studied Communication Culture Information technology at the University of Toronto. She first heard of and studied Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2017 before taking her art and content creation seriously in 2020 and diving into the world of NFTs through her time on Clubhouse.

Lizzy started joining traditional art world rooms on Clubhouse with expert gallerists, curators, collectors, and art dealers with hopes that her own artwork would be discovered and appreciated. These NFT rooms gave Lizzy a sense of excitement and community, and she eventually made her first 2.5 ETH sale which opened her eyes to the life-changing potential of this technology for independent up-and-coming artists like herself.

Lizzy’s art explores expressions of self-life and nostalgia translated through cartoons, animation, and the representation of women figures in relation to experiences being a black woman and her life as an emerging self-taught artist. 

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

I think as women lean into their skills and desires to be creatively and financially free, this technology will continue to be alluring and promising. Not only that but more and more women are seeing other women build, take up executive space and co-found companies and that representation matters for the next generation. 

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Jump in when you’re ready, comfortable, excited, interested, and motivated. A quote I always leave people with is, “Trust the process, and respect the journey.”

Connect: Twitter: @misslizzyart Instagram: @misslizzyart LinkedIn: Lizzy Idowu TikTok: misslizzysix

Katia Zaitsev

Co-Founder & COO, LEXIT — Miami, Florida

Katia is the Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer of the Next Generation NFT & Metaverse Platform called LEXIT.com. Katia is spearheading Operations and the NFT platform adoption of LEXIT, which provides a new source of revenue and innovative fan/user engagement experiences for creators, brands, sport teams, athletes, artists, musicians and more.

Katia began her career as a competitive athlete, representing Canada on a National Team level across the globe for Rhythmic Gymnastics, giving her the strength, discipline and endurance from a young age to outperform the expectancy. Working in IT Consulting prior to entering the Web3 space in 2016, Katie met her Co-Founder and CEO of LEXIT, Amir Kaltak, when he was exploring the notion of intellectual property on the blockchain.

They reconnected in 2020 to create the evolved platform architecture of what LEXIT is today. It was a no-brainer to Katia to drop everything and book a one-way ticket to Europe to assist him in building LEXIT.

““Web 3.0 is the future and will be a main adoption in all industries,” shares Katia.

One of Katia’s missions is educating women, athletes, musicians, creators, and businesses on the adoption of NFTs and Web 3.0.

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

Web3 will empower all genders and industries if approached and adopted correctly into your industry or business. We are still early in the game and a lot of trial and error is going on. If women adopt Web3 into their business model now, they will be able to maximize community and grow their brand in whatever industry they are in and will be the early players in the game.

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Listen to podcasts, youtube and any news outlets surrounding Web3 to educate yourself. Take a step back, review your goals, business model and see how you can adapt Web3 to your business model. Join communities, reach out to people – this industry is the most welcoming industry I have ever worked with, everyone wants to collaborate & help!

Connect: Twitter: @katiazaitsev_  Instagram: @katiazaitsev_ LinkedIn: Katie Zaitsev

Amanda Archer

Founder, Women of the Metaverse & First Ape Wives ClubLos Angeles, California

Amanda is originally from Australia, but she’s been getting things done in Hollywood and L.A.’s tech scene long enough that it’s second nature. She is a movie producer and media and PR expert with A-list clients.

Amanda first got into Web3 early last year through a few purchases and by attending events. The aha moment for Amanda was really seeing how quickly Web3 was becoming an “Ape Bro” thing and realizing that if women didn’t stand up and do so fast, that there would be years of b.s. that would have to be undone.

Amanda’s career in the entertainment industry leveraging celebrity, producing amazing content and working with powerful women has set the stage for the launch of Women of the Metaverse.

““Hollywood is all about access,” shares Amanda, “and that’s why we’ve built utilities around that for our First Ape Wives Club members from access in the entertainment industry to insider luxury travel perks that rival the best ‘all access’ communities in the world.”

At Fandomodo, where she is VP of talent and business, they are all about inclusivity in the projects they’re developing and financing. “It all comes together when you’re making sure voices that are usually ignored finally get heard.”

How do you think the adoption of Web3 will help empower women?

NFTs and crypto provide ways for female creators to make and fund their best work on their own terms. Women have an opportunity right now to create an impact on the entire course of Web3, which means they’ll have an impact on the future of culture and business. We can correct many of the usual inequalities now, before they happen. 

What advice would you give to other women who want to enter the Web3 space?

Follow all the women on this list! Meet them when you can at events (Shameless plug:  become a FAWC member to help get the travel edge that’ll get you to those global conferences). Talk to each other, compare notes, don’t be scared of anything.

Connect: Twitter: @amandarulez Instagram: @amandaarcherisme

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