Will Bitcoin Rebound and Surpass its All-Time High?

Bitcoin has been in the headlines for a while now due to the drastic decrease in the cryptocurrency’s value. The profit graph of the largest cryptocurrency in the world has been moving upward over the past few years. Nonetheless, predictions and rumors about Bitcoin’s extinction started getting spread across the global finance market.

With the sudden drop in Bitcoin’s profit margin, questions are once again arising about the upcoming days of crypto. There’s no doubt that the sudden drop has created wrinkles of tension on Bitcoin investors’ heads.

It’s Too Early to Say if Bitcoin Will Rebound

According to crypto experts, it’s too early to conclude Bitcoin’s rebound. From gaining rapid and escalating success to losing credibility, Bitcoin has been a volatile and unpredictable cryptocurrency to trade. So, it’s hard for a basic crypto trader to determine whether the drop in Bitcoin’s value will go on or not.

Bitcoin has managed to gain a profit of approx. 5% over the last twenty days, indicating a potential comeback. However, that can’t be considered as a significant achievement considering the past records of Bitcoin. After all, cryptocurrency has been the leading name in the crypto world since its initial days.

Analysis of Price

According to experts, the 50-day moving average of the crypto is what needs to be taken into consideration now. If the crypto holds on to its progression, the rumors will turn into worthwhile facts after 50 days. However, there’s nothing certain about whether Bitcoin will break all-time high records or not. But the question is, what are the chances of that happening?

To be specific, it’s not astonishing to watch Bitcoin regain its value. Also, the crypto may break the all-time high record. Throughout the past couple of years, the popularity of Bitcoin has decreased due to the appearance of multiple new cryptos and digital tokens in the crypto world. But crypto experts never denied the supremacy of Bitcoin over other cryptos.

It’s evident that Bitcoin underwent multiple negative phases in its journey to date. After a significant downfall, the price of Bitcoin rose more than 1000% in the year 2017. In the following year, the crypto managed to ensure a surge of 300% over its average price. Quick downfall and strong resurrection are not uncommon for Bitcoin and other cryptos. These things occur frequently. After all, the crypto industry is full of turbulence, and all cryptos have to bear that.

Bitcoin’s long-term sustainability

Most professional crypto experts have never doubted Bitcoin’s long-term sustainability in the crypto world. Rather, Bitcoin has always been appreciated for its durability. The overall value of Bitcoin has increased noticeably since its initial days.

Downfalls never became a barrier in Bitcoin’s progress path. Instead, Bitcoin managed to secure its position more than ever after every downfall. The trend doesn’t seem to change in the present scenario too.

The current stats of Bitcoin’s profit states that the crypto is about to make a grand comeback in the global finance market. After a prolonged downfall in the profit margins of Bitcoin, the sudden uptick promotes the reappearance of Bitcoin. Also, Tesla has announced that the drawbacks of Bitcoin will be resolved along with time to improve the mining experience for miners.

Bitcoin investors also tend to consider Bitcoins as long-term investments, according to the stats of famous trading companies across the world. Current market trends clearly indicate that more investors will invest in Bitcoins as time passes. Bitcoin has been able to retain a steady growth prospect to date. The majority of crypto investors are enthusiastic about investing in Bitcoin, according to the latest surveys.

Naturally, the number of Bitcoin investors will increase steadily in the next few years. So, there’s no wonder if the cryptocurrency breaks the all-time record in the crypto world in terms of profit margins. Based on the current reaction, Bitcoin is making progress to recover a good portion of the lost value. This is followed by most of the altcoins affected by the mass sell-off in the crypto market.

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