What are Crypto Jobs Worth?

Decentralized and Remote Work

We live in a time of many opportunities for professionals in many careers, remote jobs are increasingly popular, and some data say that professionals need to organize themselves and obtain different routines to improve productivity in remote work.

Some startups in the crypto market are open to decentralized, remote jobs and this works very well, of course, independent professionals are always guided on the best ways to optimize their work method constantly.

A lot of data shows that we are experiencing something fantastic so that professionals and specialists can work from anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

We should be grateful for the innovations! See some data:

Decentralized and Remote Work
Chart: Devin Banerjee via LinkedIn

Freedom for Every Professional

I want to point out something very important. Many vacancies that are on the CryptoJobsList for example, do not require you to have an academic background, many courses, or specializations per example.

Several opportunities in the cryptocurrency market allow professionals with basic technical knowledge to perform their duties and contribute to any company in the market.

Therefore, the freedom that the crypto jobs market provides is very positive so that everyone can improve their lives, gain safe opportunities, learn new skills and meet fantastic people.

You can make a basic search on the main forums and social networks that will always find some way to get a job that pays in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, I need to make it clear that there are frauds in any market. Therefore, you must act wisely, be analytical, know the company deeply and seek business information, find ways to research more, be professional, and ask for 50% of the total value of your work to start if possible.

You need to know what risks exist in various places and areas, but the benefits are excellent. Understand that the market is very free, but it also requires that you always look for more confidence and security.

Choose to Receive Payments in Crypto

Have you ever imagined that it would be possible to work with a company on the other side of the world and receive payments in cryptocurrencies?

I believe that if you are part of the generation born before the 90s, maybe your answer: is impossible. Either way, startups are increasingly open to helping people from all over the world and cryptocurrencies are great ways to transact money with speed, low cost, liquidity, and security.

Certainly, the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market have already provided me with many positive things. I admit that since then, I have preferred to receive payments in cryptocurrencies. Is that you? What is your choice?

There are many jobs in the cryptocurrency market, and they keep coming up. In 2019, 1135 crypto and blockchain jobs at 472 companies and startups were posted to Cryptocurrency Jobs. As in previous years, the market continues to be dominated by engineering functions. LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S Emerging Jobs Report shows that the blockchain developer is at the top of the list of posts with the highest growth.

Here is an analysis of the tasks in the blockchain market among the professional functions:

  • Customer support: 7%
  • Design: 10%
  • Engineering: 31%
  • Marketing: 13%
  • Operations: 17%
  • Others: 13%
  • Sales: 9%

Contribute and Learn with the Crypto Community

You can learn more about everything that happens in the crypto community, participate more and seek to understand the discussions that happen. All of this is positive for your journey of discoveries of new works in the universe of cryptocurrencies.

So, collaborate so that everyone can learn more about the potential of the market, start to understand how it works to find companies and people who can pay for your product or service with cryptocurrencies.

In this way, you allow your business project to reach other levels without borders. Therefore, I recommend that you also start to understand the profile of companies that pay their employees with Bitcoin, token, or another alternative cryptocurrency.

Opportunities to Entrepreneurs and Collaborate in Cryptomarket

The cryptocurrency market is very broad, in addition, decentralized finance enhances opportunities for professionals in various areas, increasing the range of advantages of undertaking over the internet. So, for sure, the growth and popularity of decentralized technologies, IoT, blockchain, and AI, for example, reflect the transformation they provide. Check out the image below:

What are Crypto Jobs Worth

Clearly, a free and open-source market is auditable, transparent, and timely for any specialist. In addition, startups are constantly appearing, job vacancies always appear for those who are prepared. Don’t forget always to seek professionalism and create a unique journey.

How to get a crypto job?

Obviously, there is no magic formula, but a lot of preparation, the definition of purposes, and shaping your professional profile in context with your goals. In addition, you need to get a solid technological background. Understanding software, protocols, hardware, and complex systems is a positive thing. In conclusion, you need to understand that it is great to be a generalist, but a professional specializing in a specific area.

In the cryptocurrency market, there are many ways to get a job or freelance contract. There are very reliable communities, specialized sites, good practices to create an attractive portfolio, how to create value in people’s lives, and how to serve the market.

For this reason, I recommend that your research and planning should always be more detailed and in-depth. Thus, you will have a huge level of relevant information to conquer the opportunities of crypto jobs that make sense for your reality.

In conclusion, make lists, do a lot of research and understand the demands of rationality. Your professional journey is up to you, so do it differently and contribute to the solution that a company or people need. Do your homework!

Below are some ways to get a crypto job:

Always keep an eye on what’s new in the crypto world. You can understand that there are interesting ways to work remotely and with promising startups.

Be wise when choosing jobs and know how to price your solutions, products, or services. So, take advantage of every opportunity in the cryptocurrency market.

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Thank you very much for reading!


About the author: Roney Laurent, 28 years old, brazilian, growth hacker, techguy and cryptocurrency specialist. Follow now: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Linkedin | Publish0x





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