What's Up With Upland? A New Metaverse Trading Game

Upland is a virtual property metaverse offering ownership of NFT parcels that are mapped to real-world locations. Here users can buy, sell, and trade digital properties. This metaverse also allows digital landowners to build their dream home or start a virtual business and earn UPX coins.

In this blockchain-based game, users buy digital assets in-game with cryptocurrency (UPX) or fiat. However, the UPX tokens are strictly utility tokens. This means they can only be used inside the game–they are not meant to be withdrawn. But Upland has an answer for players looking to make money from the metaverse: something called “Property to USD.” This feature allows members to sell virtual properties and items for either UPX or fiat.

True Ownership of Digital Properties

Once players earn 10,000 UPX of net worth inside the metaverse, they are granted Uplander status. As a result, an EOS blockchain account is created for the user. This account (and its associated assets) belong to the player, and no one else can control their in-game assets from that point.

When a player is ready to cash out, they can utilize the partnership between Upland and Tilia Pay to break the barrier between the digital world and the real world. This is accomplished by selling the virtual NFT properties through the Tilia Pay network which utilizes PayPal.

How Does Upland.Me Work?

Users access the metaverse through a web browser or a dedicated app. To play, Upland supplies new users with a limited number of UPX. They select a city and navigate to the properties set aside for new players. They can then choose to purchase one of the starter properties with their limited free funds or invest money into the game ($4.99 for 5,000 UPX) to boost their starting funds, enabling them to buy nicer properties. Tutorials guide new users through ways to earn more UPX while their property generates UPX against an on-platform timer. The goal is to learn how the metaverse works and reach 10,000 UPX to unlock Uplander status. Currently, the property-to-USD aspect is only open to 100 Uplanders. There are plans to gradually increase this number in the future.

Budding real estate tycoons may want to check out Upland.Me as soon as possible–before a virtual housing boom emerges in this metaverse.

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