What Is Moon Farming And Why Is Reddit’s Crypto So Popular?

Reddit is one of the largest social media networks out there —one of the top 100 websites globally. Everyone can participate in it and use their cool features and communities. Those communities are called “subreddits”

One thing about these subreddits is that some of them have their own cryptocurrencies, specifically made for them. They work as a way for Redditors to “own a piece of their favorite communities,” in the own words of Reddit.

What are Moons?

To understand how Moon Farming works let’s get to know Moons first —the official cryptocurrency of the subreddit r/Cryptocurrency, dedicated to news, events, announcements, discussions, and everything about cryptocurrencies.

MOONs are interoperable with Ethereum applications and tokens, so it can be swapped for any ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. Users have total control and ownership of MOON, and they are pseudonymous —it doesn’t connect the token to the identity of the Redditor.

r/Cryptocurrency is one of the two subreddits that have launched their own coins. The other one is r/FortNiteBrR, which has BRICK, another ERC-20-compatible token. Both tokens are highly praised by their respective users and are supported by developers as well.

How do they Work?

MOON belongs to RCP, Reddit Community Points, which was an idea launched in 2020 as part of a plan to measure users’ reputation and performance in their communities.

MOONs are ERC-20 tokens that are distributed to the r/Cryptocurrency community every four weeks. Initially, 50 million tokens will be distributed and each Redditor receives some based on the number of ‘Karma’ points they earn. Moderators —called mods— receive a piece as well for helping to manage and coordinate the subreddit.

Vault is where users can see their balances and claim, trade, or spend their tokens on the Ethereum network. Like any other digital wallet, it generates a public address where the tokens are stored, and a public key so every Redditor has the right to do whatever he wants with his coins.

Both MOONs and BRICKs are distributed monthly based on how a Redditor performs on the respective subreddit, this will be reflected in their Vault.

Farming Moons

All content on the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit has to be related to cryptocurrencies, otherwise, it won’t receive any support from the community. To farm moons, you have to produce content on the subreddit. But how? It’s easy, let’s take a look below.

  • Engage with what’s happening: Engage in discussions, and try to help newcomers to understand the place and what they can do. Keep in mind that r/Cryptocurrency is the leading community for everything crypto with over 3 million members, and a huge influx of users joining every day.
  • Watch out for Karma Points: if you’re thinking about posting something, no matter if it is news, an opinion, an announcement, etc. Keep in mind your post will have a number of Karma points. Positive karma increases the number of points your post has, while negative karma will do the opposite. This function allows Reddit to show the best content to users. You will often see the most upvoted comments shown at the top of the page so more people can see them and upvote them.
  • Tipping MOON: Here is where Redditors will reward you based on how you helped them. This is also a good way to receive some extra MOON, by giving away the ones you already have. If someone helps you, leaving them their first MOON (in case they are new) or just leaving them a tip will earn you some extra points. The community loves this, and they upvote you for doing so.
crypto moon

Dont’s of Farming Moons

Of course, there are things that can get you downvoted and receive negative points for doing so, this mainly happens because users are annoyed by certain things like:

  • Reposting: Do not repost. Users are extremely annoyed by this as they see the same thing over and over again. It’s pretty clear that there’s a post showing Bitcoin dropped below 40k. Users hate when you repost so that might give you negative feedback.
  • Spamming: Needless to say, no one likes spam. Spamming comments like GIFs that are unrelated to the post won’t make you look good.
  • Metaposting: Meta posts refer to posts that specifically talk about other posts on certain subreddit and not the kind of posts you would expect. You can find users who frequently post about how they hate Moon Farming, and everything related to it, people hating on those people, and so on. Overdoing this is a don’t.

Conclusion Reddit Crypto Moon

Farming MOON seems pretty straightforward: be nice, help people, be informative and engage with the community. RCPs are a way to measure a user’s reputation and contributions to a community, and they have worked out pretty well by now. Although there are only two subreddits that have created their tokens, we can expect more communities to follow suit in the next couple of years.

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