We've Reached 260,000 People On The Blockster Waitlist!

Those waiting for the official Blockster launch are risking paying a lot higher for the $BXR utility token. We’ve just opened phase 5 at $2.00 per token, but such a price will only last for a week.

Ah! We’ve got some good news for you: unlike the other token sale phases, there is no lockup period this time. It means you’re free to sell them whenever it suits.

Our team has a gradual lockup over 5 years, while advisors and partners over 2 years. This difference means that phase 5 investors have preferential access to secondary markets.

Check out this coverage on CoinCodex!

There is no better description of our differential: “cryptocurrency businesses can finally engage with and advertise to a high-quality audience on a fast-growing social network that lacks the blanket bans of tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.”

Multiple companies and projects, including exchanges, tokens, wallets, custodians, payment gateways, and services, will finally have somewhere to reach a targeted audience.

How do you benefit from this growing ecosystem?

What exactly do you gain when some social network reaches 50 million users? Nothing, right? That’s what makes Blockster so different because 20% of our advertising revenue is shared with $BXR token stakers.

During Blockster’s initial stage the platform offers a news feed, educational articles, company pages, messaging, a user-generated blog section, discussion groups, and much more.

Those 260,000 people on the waitlist will be invited over the next four weeks as we review and curate our content partners’ material. We want to make sure that both the infrastructure and the user experience will blow everyone’s minds.

What companies and influencers have already signed with Blockster?

We are pleased to announce that Hackernoon, the 3 million+ subscriber technology blog, launched an official page at Blockster. Therefore, you can access every post regarding blockchain, crypto, and cybersecurity directly at our news feed.

Utsav Jaiswal, Hackernoon VP of Business Development, has been a recent addition as a content partner. Check out his latest post on our Blockdesk blog, “Bitcoin Grows Despite Being Decentralized.”

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