‘Wen Lambo?’ Top 5 Purchases Made with Crypto

The best thing about using cryptocurrencies for payments is that the service is now readily available compared to years back. Payment firms such as PayPal have launched crypto checkout services in the UK and the US. Visa and MasterCard have also started offering crypto payment services.

Hence, if you are wondering about the top five things you can buy with crypto, read on to find out more.

Grocery Shopping

It is now possible to shop for groceries using cryptocurrencies. Retail firms such as Walmart have started looking into crypto payments, which will ensure that crypto enthusiasts are not locked out of their stores.

The use of cryptocurrencies in grocery shopping has become even more possible with the installation of Bitcoin ATMs, making it easy for people to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency, which can later be used for payment. Coinme, a US crypto firm, has been vigilant in setting these Bitcoin ATMs close to grocery stores to make it convenient for shoppers to use crypto holdings to make payments.

Luxury Clothes

If you have always wanted to shop at a high-end clothing store but could not do so because of the exorbitant prices, you can now shop with crypto, especially if your holdings have multiplied in value.

Phillip Plein, a renowned German designer, based in Switzerland, recently announced that his store would accept fifteen cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Phillip Plein made history as the first major fashion brand to accept crypto payments, and with the boom of cryptocurrencies, we could see other fashion houses joining soon.

Real Estate

When you want to diversify your investment, real estate makes for a solid and less risky choice compared to cryptocurrencies. Currently, it is possible to buy land and property using cryptocurrencies.

When using cryptocurrencies to pay for real estate investments, you have to consult with the relevant party to confirm that they are willing to transact in cryptocurrencies. Some real estate firms such as United Wholesale Mortgage even accept cryptocurrencies when making payments for home loans.

Buying Cars

When Tesla announced in May that it would no longer accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, many people were left worried about whether there is another car manufacturing company that accepts crypto payments.

One of the leading carmakers that have fully endorsed crypto payments is BMW. The German automobile maker allows its customers to make payments in cryptocurrencies, which gives people convenience when making their purchases.

Besides car manufacturers, some car dealerships have also changed their payment structure to accept crypto payments. As cryptocurrencies continue being more popular, we could see the number of manufacturers and dealerships that accept cryptocurrencies increasing.

Online Shopping

If you love shopping online, cryptocurrencies are a perfect fit, because as digital currencies, they allow you to make payments easily on payment platforms.

In July, Amazon listed a job advert for a cryptocurrency expert, which fuelled speculations that the e-commerce giant could be looking toward crypto payments. Currently, Amazon does not accept the direct use of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies for payments.

However, it is still possible to start shopping at Amazon with cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is to fund the Amazon gift cards with cryptocurrencies and later use these gift cards to shop at the platform. With time, we could also see Amazon accepting crypto payments directly.

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