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Dour Fits, Web3 Fashion Game

Since the NFT and blockchain boom in 2020, numerous celebrities, entertainment studios, and brands have entered the Web3 space. Blockchain and its use cases have penetrated industries such as music, sports, and fashion — and of course, celebrities are all joining the bandwagon to establish their presence. 

So, it is pretty evident that the next era of the internet will have its fair share of pop culture and its subcultures. In fact, it is inevitable, and the trend will only become more prominent. So, here’s a quick list of everything happening in the pop culture niche in Web3 this week.

Warner Records Starting A Web3 Record Label

Warner Records announced its partnership with Web3 media company Probably Nothing to start a record label called Probably a Label. The idea behind this venture is as innovative as the name itself. 

Probably Nothing started as a way to empower creators and artists to give them the IP rights of their work while thus shifting the power balance between the companies and artists. However, the overarching vision of the Web3 company was to ensure that blockchain and Web3 are adopted by more and more people and get leveraged for their needs and requirements. 

With this intention, a Label was launched. Furthermore, people with NFTs of different kinds, such as CryptoPunks, BAYC, Stickmen Toys, and more, will be allowed to use the company’s incubator tool – Studio A. 

NFT holders can pitch their ideas and projects to the platform and get a chance to collaborate with Warner Records. Furthermore, the NFTs will act as an access pass to educational programs, exclusive airdrops, merchandise, and more.

The educational programs would be about understanding IP rights, executing a project idea, recording sessions, and more. The project seems promising since it will be community-driven, and people will be involved in making important decisions oriented to the platform and ecosystem. 

Craig Redman’s Buzzing NFT Fashion Game, Dour Fits 

In March, renowned artist and illustrator Craig Redman launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs called the Dour Darcel. These NFTs were moody friends that existed in the same universe as Darcel Disappoints. 

Darcel Disappoints was a character created by the artists. The NFT series launched in March is an extension of that. However, the illustrator is now building upon this foundation and launching a game called Dour Fits. It will be a fashion-NFT game that will include NFTs from the Dour Darcel collection and a fresh Dour Fits collection. 

People can dress up their avatars with different traits in a virtual dressing room. The game will have common challenges that coincide with real-world fashion events such as the Paris Fashion Week. 

The idea is to have a community-driven fashion NFT game where people with an affinity for the industry can participate, win prizes, and even build the platform into something bigger. Holders will also get other perks such as access to merch, clothing available as NFTs and physically, and more. 

Ticketmaster’s Next Big Venture In Web3

Last year, Ticketmaster invested much time and money in the blockchain and Web3 space. For example, it partnered with the NFL to give the audience at the Superbowl game commemorative tickets, which could be sold on Ticketmaster. 

Since then, the partnership has been renewed for 100 more games in 2022. In addition, the platform has also added a digital wallet feature and a marketplace. 

To take things to the next step, Ticketmaster offers people who want to host live events to distribute tickets and memorabilia through its platform. This can include VIP passes, personalized collectibles, and even loyalty rewards for the audience in the form of NFTs. 

Considering how successful the platform’s partnership with the NFL has been, it is likely that the company will generate more partnerships and lead to more people adopting NFTs. 

Y00ts – The Latest NFT Collection by DeGods

DeGods is a popular NFT collection as part of the larger DeDAO ecosystem. This ecosystem has emphasized the utility of NFTs. It also focuses on partnerships with the overall Solana ecosystem on different projects to improve the network and its apps. 

DeGods is one of the highest-rated NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. Y00ts was its latest collection announced a while ago. It had garnered attention from numerous celebrities, including Wayne Rooney, Allen Iverson, and a few others. 

The prices of DeGods soared before the launch of Y00ts. But about 3 days ago, the official Twitter accounts of DeGods and Y00ts got banned without any explanation. Members from the community constantly tagged the platform and sought answers. 

Bella Hadid’s NFT Collection – CY-B3LLA

Bella Hadid recently launched her own NFT collection called CY-B3LLA. This would consist of 11,111 NFTs, divided into 10 categories. Each category will represent a real-world region. 

The star plans on collaborating with the regional artists of the specific places to design her attire and NFT so that the NFT depicts their cultural roots and identity. For instance, in the case of Japan, Bella Hadid’s character (3D Model) is transformed into a cyborg, and the secondary traits are inspired by anime and manga styles. These styles are blended with minimalism and Shibari style to give us a unique-looking NFT of her avatar. 

However, the celeb has ensured that the NFTs wouldn’t simply be collectibles or memorabilia. Instead, each NFT will come with a utility and act as an access pass. With these NFTs, holders can attend her events, participate in global treasure hunts, and more. 

Above and beyond, the NFTs will act as an access pass to Bella Hadid’s metaverse called the Bella Mansion. This would be a hub for promoting upcoming fashion and pop culture trends. 

Overall, the collection looks promising and has some obvious pros, allowing local artists and their talents to promoted on a global level. In addition, fans of the fashion industry will be able to access events in the Bella Mansion. 

These are some of this week’s most talked about events in the Web3 space. You can stay up to date with the latest trends, events, and lifestyle updates around Web3 and blockchain right here

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