Web3 Leaves Supermodels In The Cold

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Will Web3 and the Metaverse leave supermodels, as we know today, out in the cold? We agree on this point: crypto needs to be sexier. But who will be the arbiters of what is hot or not in our virtual future?

The metaverse requires glamor and pizazz to shine; nevertheless, staying power in Web3 is wholly dependent on the collective community, and not the individual—no matter how famous or influential. The cult of personality has been a key force in driving mass adoption of the metaverse, pioneering its fables and fads; however, a permanent sense of community will be required to keep this trend moving forward.

The common values and aspirations of grassroots communities will come to determine fame and fortune in the virtual worlds of tomorrow. Real-life super models are quickly being made irrelevant in many metaverses, where residents (and their community members) are less concerned about imitating celebrities, and more enthusiastic about creating provocative and foxy avatars—furnishing them with the most sensuous virtual clothing. In the diverse landscape of the metaverse, that which is customizable will always win out over the trendy.

Nature has designed its creatures to be singularly unique. We each possess an exclusive combination of creativity, skill, and moxie. Similarly, the realities of virtual life mirror the circumstances of our real lives. Each one of us is special and has something novel to offer any metaverse we choose to call our home.

In VR worlds that are infinitely diverse in their needs, there will be little reason for us to be exact copies of everyone else. In our metaverse life, there will always be someone or some situation that stands to benefit from (and handsomely reward) our talents and individual prowess.

Web3 NFT model
Molly NFT

Famous for Fifteen Minutes

As we approach singularity, the less we will celebrate the dominion of celebrity. We are about to achieve Human 2.0, via the eventualities of Web3. Human 2.0 is about the empowerment of each individual as much as it is about technology. The trees of the metaverse will be full of birds, confidently singing their melodies, but the VR forests will be deathly quiet if the only birds that sing are the most famous ones, or those that sing “the best.”

To this point: leading fashion brands are already pushing the democratization of NFTs. Adidas and Prada have invited fans to contribute their art and photographs to a collaborative NFT as part of an open metaverse project. Approved artwork will be incorporated into a mosaic NFTs that will be curated and coded by well-known artists. 

The demise of the supermodel (in real life) has been accelerating. Recently Victoria’s Secret announced that they were terminating the legacy of their legendary Angels supermodels to embark on a new body-positive direction. Expect the metaverse to imitate real life: a handful of prominent cover girls will not be the tastemakers of the metaverse. 

The first metaverse supermodel will be a virtual creation—an avatar that goes viral, homegrown by a designer currently unknown to the world. Nowhere is Andy Warhol’s famous quote, “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes,” more truthful than in the diverse terrains of the metaverse. The price of virtual Sharpie pens will soon be headed over the moon. Get ready to sign some autographs. 

​​Widely published throughout his career, Will is regularly featured in American Banker, Foundry, and Tech for Good to name a few. He’s advised over 30 Fortune 500 companies across North America and Asia on content strategy, data visualization, and digital/cultural transformation. He is an influential educator, writer, artist, crypto dad, and husband. His artwork and NFTs are sought-after collectibles. Connect with William on DeSo and LinkedIn.

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