Web 3 Equity – A New NFT Collection Launches And It Embodies Miami Spirit

White sands, neon lights, and palm trees make Florida unique. Home to glorious beaches and stunning architecture, Miami is gorgeous.

It’s also home to innovative companies, including Web 3 Equity, which is about to launch a brand new NFT collection. NFT enthusiasts, take note!

Founded by Michelle Abbs, Web 3 Equity aims to educate, empower, and onboard women in the Web3 and blockchain space.

“This is the time for women to be at the table making decisions, making money, and shaping the future,” – Michelle Abbs.

Abbs is not new to Web3. During Miami Art Week 2021, she envisioned and organized the premier NFT conference–which attracted over 4,000 attendees. She was then featured in Forbes as a top Woman in NFTs and named one of the Top 16 Most Influential Women in NFTs.

With Abbs at the helm, Web 3 Equity is launching a ridiculously cool NFT collection to support their cause, and they are hosting an NFT launch event on Mar 16, 2022 at Perez Art Museum in Miami. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with others in the crypto industry, learn about NFTs, and hear Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, and his wife speak.

The Web 3 Equity NFT collection, The Tuttle Tribe, epitomizes Miami. The collection is named after Julia Tuttle, the “Mother of Miami.” Tuttle owned property upon which Miami was built, and she encouraged the city’s development.

Artist and muralist Amaranta Martinez, who hails from Venezuela, created the NFT collection. Art lovers, Miami locals, and Web3 enthusiasts alike will want to get their hands on these tokens. The collection consists of two mini-collections—one of diverse women and one of powerful lips.

“The lip collection represents the power of our voice, the support of our community, and the importance of remembering how far we can go… together!” – Amaranta Martinez.

Bright pinks and reds splash across cool mints and blues to bring these faces of women in sunglasses and large lips to life. “Together, they not only speak of female empowerment but also represent the importance of being heard as women and as a fundamental pillar of society,” states the Web 3 Equity website.

Owners of the NFTs will also get access to Web 3 Equity’s educational community, discounts to conferences, coding boot camps, academies, and more.

The seven women that have come together to make Web 3 Equity a reality understand how important it is to educate other women, allow their voices to be heard, and give them a seat at the table. According to a 2021 Fidelity Investments study, women are more “risk-rational” and need more knowledge on a subject before making investment decisions. Web 3 Equity understands this, and they are providing a community where everyone can learn, feel supported, and invest.

Web 3 Equity is already making waves. Their NFT collection is about to bring a tsunami of investors and new collaborators their way. Grab your sunglasses and your laptop – it’s going to be a wild ride.

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