Ways to Store Your Seed Phrase Securely

What is a Seed Phrase?

A seed phrase (or recovery phrase) is a generated list of 12, 18, or 24-word phrases that follow a sequential order and can be used by wallet users to gain access to their crypto stored on a wallet. This means that whoever has access to a seed phrase owns and controls whatever crypto is on the wallet linked to it. Your seed phrases must be kept safe to ensure your crypto doesn’t get stolen.

How Should I Store my Seed Phrase?

You can store your seed phrase online or offline. You should however choose carefully as the level of security varies for both; online methods are generally known for lower security. Here are some ways you can store your seed phrase with details on the individual security level.

Write your seed phrase on a piece of paper:

Writing your seed phrase on a piece of paper is the most straightforward approach when trying to convert your digital seed phrase to physical. This is because it is not an online method of storage, simply writing all of your seed phrases on a piece of paper might give you all the safety you need. Be cautious to protect or laminate your paper. Both paper and ink are easy to destroy. Paper will get destroyed if there is a flood or a fire, which means your seed phrase will be destroyed as well.

Engrave your seed phrases on a steel backup plate:

Stainless steel backup plates were developed so that Bitcoin users could permanently engrave their seed phrases physically. They are made from stainless steel and your seed phrases can be permanently etched on them, this can be done either personally or by the company. But for security reasons, it is better to opt for personal means. Some examples of these are:

  • A card-style cassette plate that consists of letters that you can slide to form your seed phrase
  • Heavy-duty steel cards that ship with cases; you can use your sharp equipment (like diamond and Dremel) at home to engrave on the card.
  • Card-sized steel plates that ship with engraving pens and tamper-proof seal (by customization).
  • Metal plate with square grids that you puncture. The columns here are tagged alphabets A-Z while the rows are in fours, each four rows carry a number (can be 12, 18 or 24 in total).
  • Capsule or cassette that are small in size. Both of these equipment ships with steel tiles that you can insert in the order of your seed phrase.

Since these methods use steel, they are more durable and would last longer than paper. They generally range in size from being a small card/cassette (pocket-sized) to a large plate (can be kept in a vault). This method of storage is extremely long-lasting, you should only use methods where you enter your seed phrase personally.

Splitting your seed phrase and storing it in different locations:

You can decide to store your seed phrase using different methods and in different locations. This can be done to make it even more secure since whoever is trying to steal it would have to locate all of them and bring them together. Be careful, so you don’t end up making it impossible to locate it when retrieving it. You can use this for your backup storage, ensuring you have information written somewhere on how to find all pieces. This method is highly secure but prone to permanent loss if not well carried out.

Encryption before storing digitally:

If you would be storing your seed phrase on a computer, then you should encrypt it before storing it where you would want to keep it permanently. It’s best to do this only if you’re tech-savvy and can create an encryption algorithm yourself (RSA encryption is a good one). Encrypting your seed phrase makes it useless to whoever might discover it since they would be unable to read the meaning. If you would however do this, ensure you encrypt with your PC disconnected from the internet and store your private key securely. Do not make use of a third-party encryption service, they can gain access to your crypto. This method is very technical, and security varies depending on how carefully you store your private key.


Your seed phrase is as important as your crypto, you must store it safely to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You should also consider backing up the seed phrases, this way if one method is destroyed you can always fall back to another.

Storing your seed phrases in the safest ways possible is smart and important. Storing it in places that could get compromised could lead to major losses.

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