WAX Unleashes Blockchain Brawlers, A Great New NFT Collection

As we enter the final weeks of this year, NFT projects are still launching, while existing ones are coming up with new collections for their communities to buy, sell, trade, and enjoy.

One example is WAX, which only recently announced a new NFT collection called Blockchain Brawlers. While just one of many NFT collections currently available in the space, this one might be one of the most important ones, as it represents the largest cross-blockchain collection involving NFTs, gaming, and GameFi.

What is WAX’s Blockchain Brawlers collection?

According to the official press release that WAX published, the project had launched a GameFi project called Blockchain Brawlers, which allows users to transfer NFTs used in the game interchangeably between WAX blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. This is possible thanks to a special NFT bridge that WAX has developed for this very purpose.

According to the announcement that the project made, the NFT bridge can build a future that WAX has envisioned, in which blockchain and NFT marketplaces are accessible to everyone, regardless of the chain type they use.

This particular collection was auctioned on Binance NFT Marketplace on November 30th, 2021, and it is the first step on the road that will bring GamiFi to the next level. Thanks to the fact that NFTs can be transferred between blockchains for free, it is possible that the project will make a strong contribution towards pushing the mass adoption of gaming NFTs on a global level.

Details About the Collection

Binance Smart Chain is the first blockchain to be connected to WAX, but definitely not the last one. As for this first batch of Blockchain Brawlers NFTs, it is called the Founder’s Edition, and it consists of 100 NFTs. The Non-Fungible Tokens come in 4 different editions, including Standard, Hardcore, Cage Match, and Death Match. Each of them will play a vital role in the project’s Blockchain Brawlers play-to-earn game, which will also allow users to win fortune and fame alike.

The project announced that additional NFTs will become available after the auction, only noting that it will happen ‘at a later date,’ with no specific time and date revealed as of yet. These tokens will emerge on WAX’s own blockchain.

In order to bring NFTs from Binance’s ecosystem to WAX’s own, users had to use their WAX Clour Wallet. The wallet will show their NFTs even while they are on BSC, but after they are transferred via the bridge, they will emerge in their NFT inventories on WAX blockchain, as well. This is the first phase of the bridge, while the second phase will allow users to access a much larger universe of NFTs, regardless of whether they are on WAX on Binance. Not only that, but users will be able to buy and sell NFTs on both chains, regardless of which chain they originated on.

The NFT bridge is expected to go live in 2022, likely at some point during the second quarter of the year.

What is WAX?

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is the world’s biggest gaming blockchain, processing ¾ of all gaming-related transactions. Known as the King of NFTs, WAX aims to bring NFTs to the mass market in the safest and secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace in the world.

WAX also managed to become the leading entertainment NFT network, and it has been in the NFT space for a long time, much longer than NFT’s 1-year popularity streak. The project introduced one of its first major products, vIRLs, back in 2018, which gave consumer product companies the ability to link NFTs with their products directly and to do it in a very easy and user-friendly way.

The project itself was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Yantis and William E. Quigley, and ever since, it has facilitated the trade of over 100 million digital collectibles.

Now, the project seems to have developed quite a strong relationship with Binance NFT, with many major plans for the future, such as the support for games, additional PFP programs, and the mentioned NFT marketplace.

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