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It’s a behemoth. People don’t use what they don’t understand. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain have the general population lost, big-time.

According to The Blockchain Education Network’s website, a staggering 3.5 billion adults lack an understanding of basic financial concepts. A colossal 1.7 billion adults globally don’t have access to a bank account.

Worldwide, only one-third of adults understand basic financial concepts.

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is here to change that.

What is The Blockchain Education Network?

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is a non-profit charitable organization established in 2014. Their mission: to provide blockchain education worldwide.

The company boasts the most extensive and longest-running network of students, alumni, professors, teachers, professionals, and community leaders excited about blockchain.

BEN endeavors to spur blockchain adoption by empowering student leaders to bring blockchain to their companies and communities. They provide education through local workshops and online courses.

BEN has a plan they call The 10:10 plan. The goal is to educate ten million people about blockchain technology over the next ten years.

The company has already made a considerable impact. They support over 200 ambassadors, have founded or helped found 250 companies, and matched people to over 1,500 jobs.

LEARN and Participate

BEN Learn is an online educational portal where anyone can come and learn about blockchain technology.

BEN provides written and video courses, lessons, and tutorials. Members can earn rewards for completing lessons such as certificates, tokens, NFTs, and even free tickets to blockchain conferences.

Members can also get involved as educators and create their own courses or translate existing courses. The option to host a BEN workshop is also available.

Club leaders, professors, high school teachers, or any interested community members can apply to host a workshop to teach blockchain. BEN will provide you with lesson plans, coaching, guidance, and everything you need to teach blockchain to your community.

Ben reasons that if a trusted community member can present new information effectively, other people are more likely to join the effort. In turn, they will teach others.

This is key to deploying blockchain education to every neighborhood and community worldwide.

BEN’s Vision for the Future

The Blockchain Education Network envisions education for everyone. Every community in the world will be able to use the blockchain as a vehicle to create wealth for themselves and their society.

BEN invites the masses to participate in their call to action. Learn, participate, or donate. The blockchain is for everyone.

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