Ultra Music Festival Delivers The Party In Miami To The World

Ultra Music Festival took the world by storm last weekend in Miami.

The world’s premier electronic music festival teamed up with the most environmentally-friendly blockchain, Algorand, to stream the festivities around the globe.

Miami Born and Bred

The Ultra Brand has its roots in Miami. It was founded in 1997 by CEO and producer Russell Faibisch. He began producing music events in 1999 on the white sands of Miami Beach.

Ultra Worldwide has taken place every March since then, and DJ Mag has voted the music festival number one several times.

This festival remains independent and reaches an audience in every corner of the earth.

Ultra has been a pioneer in live streams with Ultra Live. The festival boasts over 2.3 billion views on live streams and has had uploaded artists since 2012.

Headliners this year included 3LAU, Charlotte De Witte, David Guetta, and Marshmello.

“Over the past 22 years, thousands of the world’s most iconic DJs, producers, and live acts have mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring sets at ULTRA festivals across all six inhabited continents, producing events in 26 cities and 29 countries.” – Ultra Worldwide website

Ultra Teams Up with Algorand for a Greener Partnership

This year, Ultra streamed the entire festival using the Algorand blockchain. Algorand is the world’s most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain infrastructure.

The people behind the Algorand blockchain also think globally about how they operate, making this a vast and vital move for the festival giant.

Algorand aims to be the greenest blockchain and has partnered with Climatetrade to achieve a carbon-negative network.

A partnership with Climatetrade means Algorand can leverage several projects that help to offset the low footprint of their network:

  • The Southern Cardamom REDD+ project initiated by Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Works – protects the rainforest by avoiding more than 3 million tons of carbon emissions annually.
  • The Vichada Gold Standard Climate Project – assists with reforestation in the Orinoco Department in Colombia.
  • The Oaxaca Wind Project by Acciona – covers the electricity demand of 700,000 Mexican homes, avoiding the emission of 670,000 tons of CO2.
  • The Sumatra Merang Peatland Project by ForestCO2 – works to protect and restore the peatland ecosystem in Indonesia.

“With this alliance, we not only work to achieve the carbon neutrality of Algorand but also to have a positive impact on the environment, which is how every innovative blockchain ecosystem should be in the future.” – ClimateTrade

The Ultra Music Festival supports environmental solutions as well. It’s a driving force in their mission, commitment, and vision:

Mission – To preserve our home, reduce our environmental impact and inspire our community to protect the planet.

Commitment – To continue developing our sustainability initiatives year after year to preserve natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations.

Vision – To expand the environmental consciousness of everyone our programs reach, positively shifting behavior both on and off festival grounds.

No matter where in the world we are, we can have a front-row seat to the biggest beach party in Miami. And we can enjoy it all the more knowing the energy behind it is as clean as can be.

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