UFC Fan Token Launching On Chiliz

Both have been widely accepted by the gaming industry, the adult content industry, betting, and of course — sports. Since betting and sports usually come hand in hand, this likely was not a huge surprise for most people.

However, it is still good to see that these connections are not only surviving the test of time but are also improving. Many sports organizations have been teaming up with crypto projects for years now, while others were bold enough to try and launch their own tokens. In fact, I was quite interested in the fact that UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, decided to do just that.

UFC and Chiliz

The organization recently partnered with a leading blockchain provider for the entertainment and sports industries, Chiliz. The two even revealed the purpose of the partnership, which is to launch a new token, known as UFC Fan Token.

The token will be available through an engagement and rewards mobile app created for fans, called Socios.com. From what is known, Fan Tokens will be minted on Chiliz’s blockchain, and they will provide owners with the ability to access special opportunities and content that the app will have to offer. This can include anything, like the ability to vote on certain decisions, access to exclusive promotions, VIP rewards, chat forums, competitions and games, AR-enabled features, and more.

Chiliz is A Great Brand

I am especially glad to see that the UFC is now joining a very powerful network that already features 26 other major sports properties that teamed up with Chiliz to launch their own fan tokens. Some examples include FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain.

The UFC token itself is scheduled to roll out at some point in June, so it may already be available for the fans over the next few weeks.

Would you be interested in obtaining the UFC Fan Token?

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