UAE Youngsters To Get Crypto And Blockchain Internships

Web3 Internship for Emirati HighSchoolers

According to a report by The National, Crimson Education is providing training for Emirati pupils between 13 and 20 years of age in crypto and AI, in order to equip them for employment in emerging technology at multinational firms.

Crimson Education has organized its internship program with participation from major companies. For example, global investment manager Weiss Asset Management will hire Crimson interns as paid analysts. Furthermore, Big Four accounting firm KPMG will offer internships in areas such as cybersecurity, digital strategy, and tech consulting, while Y Combinator, a U.S.-based technology startup accelerator, will provide internships in cryptocurrency.

Young students under the program will receive education in three core areas: the crypto industry, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. According to Crimson Education, the cost for the training varies but can be as high as $4,900.

Commenting on the latest development, Soraya Beheshti, Crimson Education’s regional director in the UAE and the Middle East, said that young people can not find technology-related jobs because of their age and limited experience. But Beheshti believes that their internship program will create many opportunities for the youngsters.

The Crimson Education executive said:

“We want young people to feel like they really do and should have a place at the table. They are often the main consumers of a lot of tech start-ups. So, we wanted to create that infrastructure.”

The internship program for high-schoolers is yet another example of the Emirati government’s forward-thinking approach to crypto, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. Authorities in Dubai and the UAE at large have been promoting policies geared towards presenting the city and the country as a major hub in the developing digital economy.

Expanding Blockchain Education

With crypto and blockchain technology becoming more popular, the demand for adequate education in these emerging fields has risen. It is now commonplace to see major colleges and universities offering curated curriculums that cover several important aspects of decentralized ledger technology (DLT). Some universities have even begun to offer courses in decentralized finance (DeFi).

In some cases, major crypto companies establish academies that organize educational outreach programs to these colleges and universities. Trading giant Binance is currently conducting a masterclass series among university students in Nigeria.

El Salvador became the first nation to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender when it passed its Bitcoin Law last year. As part of this agenda, President Nayib Bukele’s administration has announced plans to build schools dedicated to teaching students about Bitcoin.

According to Bloomberg in June last year, crypto firms are experiencing difficulty in finding suitable candidates to fill positions at their companies. These crypto and blockchain education initiatives are vital in bridging the skills-gap as the industry continues to expand.

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