Twitter Allows Crypto Payments On Twitter – But Where Is Ethereum?

Yes to Bitcoin, No to Ethereum

Twitter rolled out the tipping service as a test feature in May to enable creators to have a new way of earning passive income from their followers for the content they post on the platform. Late last month, the social media platform stated that iOS users could now access the feature, while Android users would wait for it in the coming weeks.

While this move is good for Bitcoin, some have been left wondering why Twitter has failed to include Ethereum, given that it is the second-largest cryptocurrency. The main reason that stands out for Ethereum’s exclusion is that Dorsey is a top Bitcoin supporter and could even be termed as a ‘Bitcoin maximalist.’

Dorsey has in the past stated that Bitcoin was his most important work currently and even wishes the coin could be given a chance to promote world peace. Hence, Dorsey has been working round the clock to launch initiatives that will increase Bitcoin’s utility and thereby the value of the coin.

The other reason Bitcoin may have been added while Ethereum was not is that despite Ethereum’s growth, Bitcoin has remained the most popular cryptocurrency. Besides, Bitcoin has been the most adopted cryptocurrency for payments, hence selecting it for the platform’s tipping feature is expected.

Will Twitter add Ethereum eventually?

The Twitter tipping feature is a new addition to the social media platform. It could evolve with time, and Ethereum could be added to the list of cryptocurrencies available on this platform.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also a popular cryptocurrency with a large number of holders globally. Hence, if there could be demand for users who want to have this altcoin among the cryptocurrencies supported under the tipping feature, Twitter could also be forced to unveil it. Moreover, diversification is supported cryptocurrencies has been the norm for most platforms that offer crypto payments.

Moreover, other cryptocurrencies could also be added to this feature. Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash have become some of the most popular cryptocurrencies being adopted by companies seeking to launch crypto payments. Hence, in future, this tipping feature could support a broad range of cryptocurrencies.

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