Top Three Cryptos That Could Take Over From Bitcoin

The world of cryptocurrencies came into the limelight due to Bitcoin or BTC. But it’s absurd to assume that Bitcoin will keep on its supremacy over other cryptocurrencies forever. Several new cryptocurrencies, along with attractive features and benefits, are coming into play nowadays. Needless to say, most of these cryptos are following Bitcoin’s footsteps in terms of proliferating.

Naturally, the changes in the crypto world will impact the global economy too. The appearance of Bitcoin and its incredible growth over the years has already messed up numerous calculations.

The appearance of new cryptos in the crypto world is strengthening this possibility. The more cryptos are stepping into the market, the more competition among different cryptos is getting tougher. Alongside, volatile crypto trends are proving that the new cryptos are going to do some miracles.

So, what are the cryptos that could change the world in the coming years? It’s pretty tricky to answer this question concisely. Anyway, some new cryptocurrencies are setting up instances in the world in recent times. Naturally, crypto experts are considering those cryptos as game-changers. Now, let’s look at the top three cryptos that could change the global crypto trends shortly.


Every crypto enthusiast appreciates Ethereum as a trendsetter in the crypto industry. Differing from Bitcoin in different ways, Ethereum has created a unique identity in the crypto world already. As a decentralized software platform, Ethereum eliminates the chances of uncertain downtimes and fraudulent activities. As a crypto miner, you get the opportunity to create and run decentralized applications on this platform for free. Ether, the crypto specified for Ethereum, is an excellent choice for developers to develop and launch applications on the Ethereum platform.

Now, the noticeable factor about Ethereum is that the platform is all set to shift to a proof-of-stake algorithm instead of the proof-of-work algorithm. As a significant move, this shifting will allow the platform to increase its transaction speed up to some extent. Not just that, it will move away from its tag as “eco-unfriendly”. The Proof-of-Stake algorithm conserves energy by 99.6% compared to the Proof-of-Work algorithm. At present, Ether is way behind Bitcoin in terms of market cap and total market value. However, the escalating upgrade of the Ethereum platform makes Ether a strong contender for beating Bitcoin shortly.


As a stablecoin, Tether already has a strong position in the crypto industry. According to crypto predictions and forecasts, Tether will be able to throw a formidable challenge to Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies shortly. Unlike most other cryptos, Tether coins’ prices are linked to US dollars. As a result, the prices of these stablecoins rarely go through volatile stages. Also, converting Tether coins into US dollars is way more effortless and straightforward.

Why won’t crypto users love Tether for all the reasons mentioned above? Being a stable coin, Tether is more likely to stick to the fast growth as it has been to date. So, it’s evident that Tether will bring some notable changes in the global crypto trends. Tether owns strong odds in terms of becoming one of the most trusted and popular cryptos shortly.


The list will remain incomplete without the inclusion of Dogecoin. From starting as joke crypto to being one of the most popular cryptos, Dogecoin has always been an excellent coin. The trend is not supposed to change soon. Instead, the upcoming decade can be considered Dogecoin’s decade from a crypto perspective.

The value and popularity of Dogecoin have only gone upward since its initial days. Super-fast transaction speed, a sense of stability and security, and minimum transaction fees make Dogecoin a better bet for the future of cryptos.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin will never disappear from the crypto world as the Dogecoin blockchain consists of around 130 billion coins already. The number keeps escalating, and it will increase in the upcoming years too. So, it’s easily interpretable that Dogecoin’s future is bright. Therefore, Dogecoin holds the third position in this list as convincing crypto to change the world in the future. Dogecoin took a significant surge in the recent bull-run to trade at a little over $0.7. Tesla’s Elon Musk in some months ago launched a pool on Twitter, asking followers if they want Doge to be accepted as payment for its product. Interestingly, the majority voted “Yes”.

Final words

These three cryptos are already in the center of attractions of crypto enthusiasts. Are you familiar with the fact that Bitcoin will stop rewarding miners as the network reaches the coin limit of 21 billion? Have you thought about what will happen afterward? The cryptos mentioned above are bound to replace Bitcoin and rule the crypto industry. With that, the crypto world will undergo massive transformations from all aspects. The effects of those changes will reflect on the world economy too. So, let’s see what changes occur in the world of cryptos over time.

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