Top Blockchain Courses To Be A Fully Certified Professional

It was designed for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, its use case has expanded to other sectors, including health, transport, and the health sector. Now, several institutions, government establishments, and top-level companies are developing different forms of blockchain technology to further improve their operations.

There are several courses on blockchain technology, some of which are completely online and easy to access. If you’re looking for the right blockchain course to become a fully certified professional, the following are great options for you.

Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree

This is one of the most comprehensive blockchain courses you can find. If you’re looking to learn wider and serious about becoming a certified blockchain professional, it’s the right course to choose. It’s not met for someone just looking to test how a blockchain program works, but a serious-minded learner looking to build a strong career in Blockchain technology development.

In this course, you will begin with the fundamentals of blockchain before moving to blockchain development as you move from one level to the next. Other areas include decentralized file management and the concepts of security and privacy. Udacity also offers technical support from experienced professionals and industry veterans.

Berkley Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals

If you are a novice in blockchain technology, Berkley offers the right course on the field. It was designed by the computer science department at the University of California Berkley. The course has a beginner-friendly package and explores several blockchain concepts in detail. It’s a great way to boost your CV if you have another carrier but looking to add related certifications.

Dooey Blockchain Developer Course

This is a general knowledge course that provides n overview of Multichain Blockchain platforms, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Bitcoin. The course enables participants to use tools like Meta Mask and Ganache to build their blockchain applications.

IBM Blockchain Foundation For Developers

IBM is also offering a Blockchain foundation course for intending developers. The course is perfect for business leaders and software developers looking to enter the digital world. However, participants are expected to have background knowledge in computer programming languages like HTML or Javascript. All courses are taught by experienced Blockchain Developers with flexible learning time.

The above are some of the top Blockchain courses you can learn and get properly certified. Those who want to get blockchain certification will find a lot of opportunities to take their career to new heights in the future. The technology is still young, which means an early entrance will be a massive benefit.

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