Top 5 Low Market Cap Cryptos To Watch

This ensures that their crypto portfolio stays safe. Also, most low cap cryptos are extremely volatile above the level obtainable in the industry, because sometimes they are used for pump and dump schemes. Many of these challenges contribute to making people lose interest in low caps coins.

Low Market Cap Coins

Every successful coin started as a low cap coin. One of the benefits of low cap coins is that they can make you a millionaire by just investing a little less than $100 because you were early. Many users in the crypto community became rich just by participating in airdrops and investing in low market coins which later on became big.

Since the rise of meme coins, everything in the industry changed, including market analysis. Shib and Doge are perfect examples. They made it to a high market cap from nothing but just hype, celebrity backing, and a strong community, consequently making a lot of people very rich.

Factors That Contribute to the Growth of Low-cap coins

Many factors can make a low market cap become mainstream in the short and long term.

These main factors are listed below.

  • Strong Team,
  • An active user community,
  • A Strong leadership,
  • A good product,
  • Investor backing,
  • Celebrity endorsement.

Our Top 5 Low Cap Coins

This article is focusing on low market caps and not low-price coins. Here, we defined low market cap coins to be those below $1 billion market capitalization according to CMC ranking. It’s important to state that there are many other coins with high potential, so the list is not definitive. Note that these coins are listed in no particular order.

Radio Caca (RACA)

Raca is the native token coin for Universal Metaverse (USM). According to CoinMarketCap (CMC), it has a market capitalization of $892,002,347.25 as of press time. It is ranked at 224 on the CMC list. RACA is currently trading below a dollar at $0.00482 at press time. USM labs create P2E games in a 3D virtual world where users can own lands, build them as well as play games.

One of the attractive features of RACA is its Metaverse project. Also, RACA is one of the many coins that have gotten celebrity backing. USM is currently the exclusive manager of mystery box NFTs owned by Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother. RACA currently has more than 400k followers on Twitter and an active discord group. It is also on the top-tier GameFi project launched on the Binance network.

Illuvium (ILV)

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium is one of the most anticipated blockchain games. It is an open-world fantasy adventure AAA game on the Ethereum network. Metaverse tokens have caught attention due to their products, and how futuristic they are. Illuvium will provide not just entertainment, but NFTS, trading, and a range of other services.

The high-definition graphics make it a pleasing sight to behold, and this poses a very great advantage for the product. The current market cap of Illuvium is $853,750,916.82. ILV is currently trading at $1,318.45 as of press time. It is ranked as number 225 according to the CMC listing. It is one of the new projects that have hit the $1000 price mark since its listing. Illuvium has one of the strongest teams of professionals from all over the world, as well as top-tier game developers.


ZIL is the native token of Zilliqa blockchain. Zilliqa is a sharding-based permissionless blockchain that enables developers to launch dApps easily. It is touted to process thousands of transactions per second (TPS) and solves scalability problems through Sharding. It is one of the newest blockchains in the industry that has gained lots of attention. Zilliqa has an active community of 360k followers on Twitter.

ZIL, according to CMC, has a market cap of $877,709,553.11 and is ranked 97 in the CMC listing. It is currently trading for $0.07173. Zilliqa is founded by top people in academia, and they deploy a lot of resources for research and developing the blockchain to live up to its standards.

Raydium (RAY)

RAY is the native token of the Raydium protocol. Raydium protocol is one of the very first dApp on the Solana blockchain. It is ranked as number one in Solana-based dApps. It’s a decentralized exchange that gives users an option to swap within liquidity pools or through Serum order books.

CMC ranks RAY at number 126. It is currently trading a little above $8 with a market cap of $627,776,835.04. Raydium has more than 250k Twitter followers and a very active social media community.

Rally (RLY)

RLY is the native token of Rally. Rally is a platform for creators and their communities to build their independent digital economies. It works by allowing users to create social tokens that enable transactions, access, and more creative solutions for the user’s economy. In simple terms, it allows creatives to create their cryptocurrency without technical knowledge. It is very community-oriented.

It was launched for creativity and has grown tremendously since its launch. CMC ranks RLY as number 222. According to CMC, RLY is currently trading at $0.4 with a market cap of $903,983,300.72.

Finally, more and more projects with high yield potential are springing up every day in the crypto industry. Always remember that crypto investing is a high-risk venture. You should endeavor to do your own research. Always invest what you can afford to lose.

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