Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that have Smart Contracts – But Don’t See Much Use

But, while ETH may have started it all, it is by no means the only one offering smart contracts and their countless applications in this day and age.

Here are 5 other projects that also feature smart contracts, but don’t see nearly as much use.


Polkadot is a project that is growing in popularity, currently with a market cap of $34.77 billion. However, while it does feature smart contracts, it is mostly known for its work in the development of cross-chain solutions, and not so much for the appliance of the contracts themselves.

But it is a fast project with cheap transactions that should not get overlooked by anyone looking for a good replacement for Ethereum.


Similar to Polkadot, Solana is also an emerging project that is only now seeing the popularity it deserves. It is usually best known for its ability to offer DeFi solutions, and DeFi, of course, depends on smart contracts. Solana is one of the most scalable and fastest blockchains out there, but for some reason, it has yet to reach the heights it deserves, which is worth keeping in mind.

Internet Computer

Internet Computer is the first blockchain in the world that runs at web speed, with unbounded capacity. Some consider it to be the project that announces the next generation, following the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It acts as a blockchain computer that scales smart contract computation and data and runs them at web speed, where they get processed and the data that they carry gets efficiently and safely stored.

The project is quite high-ranking given how little it is being talked about, indicating that its time has yet to come.


VeChain is another smart contract platform that is best known for a rather specific use, in this case, for its supply chain capabilities. The project has been around since mid-2016, and over the years, it managed to create an ecosystem that solves many of the supply chain management issues, which is why it is still relatively high-ranking, currently at the 23rd spot.


Cardano is our last pick, not because it deserves to be in 5th place, but because its smart contracts are still only existing on its testnet. However, that will change in 5-days’ time, on September 12th, when the project is supposed to bring smart contracts to its mainnet for the first time. This will enable the creation of dApps and DeFi protocols, new cryptos, and more, and the anticipation itself has been pumping the coin’s price for weeks now.

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