Top 3 Metaverse Projects To Consider For 2022

The metaverse concept was launched many years ago, but it is only now that it has gone mainstream and has attracted even top tech giants who want to be part of the sector.

The metaverse concept is more mature in the crypto sector because it was launched here several years ago. Metaverse projects in the crypto sector have been working to ensure that crypto enthusiasts have a virtual world experience. Moreover, the growing use of cryptocurrencies has made the metaverse concept even stronger.

The top three metaverse projects that one can invest in for 2022 include the following:


Decentraland is the top favourite project for almost every investor who is interested in this sector. One of the best things about this project is that it was created several years ago, and the duration of time it has been in existence in the market makes it a top choice for those looking for something solid and has already been established.

Decentraland offers a virtual world experience. The project allows investors to purchase virtual land properties and even invest in this land, thus adding to its value. The project is powered by the MANA tokens, which have seen immense growth since the metaverse concept started making waves.

The MANA token has been clinching new all-time highs for several weeks now because of the metaverse’s growing adoption and use cases. The coin recently reached an all-time high of $4.33, following an over 400% price gain in a month.

Decentraland also comes in as one of the Metaverse projects with a significant valuation. It has a market capitalization of $5.3 billion, and MANA ranks as the 42nd largest cryptocurrency in the market by this metric.

The Sandbox

The other top metaverse project is The Sandbox. When it comes to a strong development team and a strong technological foundation, this project scores highly. It has been under development for the past four years, and despite offering a metaverse experience only recently, it has attracted a lot of attention.

The Sandbox is quite different from Decentraland because its metaverse experience is in the form of a gaming concept. The Sandbox allows investors to buy and sell digital assets in the form of a game, and this is an ideal concept for those looking for a play-to-earn capability.

The Sandbox is currently working on the Alpha launch, which is expected to debut on November 29. This launch will allow investors to earn SAND tokens and also be part of an NFT giveaway. The launch of this initiative has driven much demand for the SAND tokens.

SAND tokens are responsible for powering The Sandbox project. In a month, the token has gained by over 600%, a reflection of the growing demand for these tokens. Moreover, their utility on the fast-expanding network is also driving value and demand, with investors rushing to be a part of this growing sector.

Axie Infinity

The other metaverse project that also makes for a good investment is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity provides its users with a unique gaming experience, just like The Sandbox. It comes with a variety of unique features and gaming experiences that have attracted much attention in the crypto space and beyond.

The metaverse and the gaming sector are quite correlated, and the growth of one leads to the growth of the other. With Axie Infinity, gamers can generate real-life passive income through play-to-earn features. Moreover, it has been in the market for a long time, which has helped build trust with investors.

Axie Infinity also goes beyond the gaming world because it allows investors on the platform to buy virtual land and develop the land, which is almost similar to what is offered by Decentraland.

Out of all the metaverse projects, Axie Infinity has the highest valuation. The project is powered by the AXS tokens that have been on a major bullish rally since the growing popularity of the metaverse. AXS currently ranks as the 24th large cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $8.9 billion.


The metaverse concept is currently a hot topic in the cryptocurrency sector. This month, projects that offer a metaverse experience in the crypto space have been on a bullish rally because of increased interest in this field. While there are many metaverse projects in the crypto space, it is advisable to invest in well-established projects and those that have been in the market for a long time.

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