Token Warriors – A New Play To Earn Game Launched

In the gaming industry, the story is no different; blockchain tech is now powering the new play-to-earn (P2E) games that have received massive attention this year.

The Gaming Industry and Blockchain

The gaming industry has grown in recent times; this year, the eSports industry was reported to have earned an estimated $1 billion. More games are now being developed on blockchains as creators seek decentralized ecosystems where gamers can interact and earn rewards.

One of them is Token Warriors. Token Warriors is a P2W game that is built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. The launch was announced on November 25. Token Warriors is a new and exciting game that combines the beauty of the metaverse and NFTs with the efficiency of blockchain technology to bring entertainment and revenue to creators and players alike.

Token Warriors will build an ecosystem where players can engage in quests, complete different challenges, and generate rewards. The game is a first-of-its-kind on Solana and will pave the way for similar games to be launched in the future. As a community project, the game will fully engage its users and share rewards appropriately.

Token Warriors Brings Innovative Features to Gaming

In true innovative style, Token Warriors is bringing new functionality to gaming. These are traditional DeFi features, but the game will become the first in the e-gaming world to offer them.

These features include staking of DeFi tokens, DAO-governance, voting, and metaverse compatibility protocol. The game also features the now-popular Rarity faring which rewards the most thoughtful and engaging users with special rewards.

To power its ecosystem, Token Warriors has also launched its utility token, the Token Warriors token, $TWAR. The DAO also has its TokenWarriorDAO, and a third, the TokenWarrior Realm where gamers can operate fluidly.

Gamers can operate characters that are in five different categories: Purple, Black, Orange, Turquoise, and Scarlet. Users can choose from any of the 5,555 unique Token Warriors characters spread among those categories.

Unique Token Warriors NFTs

Token Warriors has created a collection of TWAR NFTs. These NFTs are built on Solana and users can use them to fight on the blockchain. Users can then earn points called Battle Points for rewards. TWAR NFTs have various designs. Some of them are galactic avengers and mystic conquerors. The NFTs are on the platform but will only be activated upon the players completing certain tasks and going through game stages.

TWAR NFTs also confer community membership privileges on gamers. By owning a TWAR NFT, a gamer can partake in community activities in one of the most advanced gaming ecosystems in the world. With its unique NFTs, Token Warriors intends to grow its gaming platform into a simple-yet-enjoyable place where gamers of all ages can enjoy rewards while competing with one another.

Perhaps, the best part of Token Warriors is that the community members will form a DAO for governing the project. Community members will own the right to vote and be in charge of the entire process. This innovative feature will be introduced when the gaming ecosystem develops into that stage.

Key issues that the DAO will vote on are the future developments of the game and the features to be added. The DAO will also vote on the development of game stages and determine the quality of the entire ecosystem. Gamers can play against one another or form Guilds to compete in quests.

Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

The rise of esports, NFTs, and the metaverse, all powered by blockchain technology, has changed the way creators deploy their gaming products and the way gamers interact with games. The true power to earn rewards from the huge revenue share of the gaming industry has arrived.

Many gaming projects are being deployed on blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. The proliferation of such games has increased the value of the crypto industry as many of them create utility tokens with which users can interact with their platforms.

In 2022, the revenue from the esports industry is projected to hit $1.8 billion. Gamers will be anticipating they will be earning a sizable part of that revenue as rewards.

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