Three Reasons To Take Your Pet To The Metaverse

metaverse pets

I lost a seven-year battle with my wife.

Well, I would say it was more of a stalemate. But I was the loser, nonetheless.

You see, for seven years, she wanted a dog. Mind you, when we were married, we both touted that we weren’t dog people. When our friends would get pets, we would laugh and say that we had freedom and never needed to worry about boarding any animal while traveling. We never had to clean up any doggy messes either.

Then she betrayed me by getting an itch to own a Shihtzu-Bichon mix. And she started asking me to get one. For seven years.

Finally, she wore me down, and our house became bigger by one. I remember sweating when she was on her way home from picking up the dog because I was so upset that she was coming home with an animal. I prayed fervently that she’d have second thoughts and the dog would go to some other poor unfortunate sap.

She brought the dog home anyway. We named her Sophie.

After three days of the dog being sad, scared, and somewhat antisocial, something changed.

The stupid dog somehow became mine.

Sophie started following me everywhere. She sat next to me on the couch instead of my wife. She even waited for me outside of the bathroom. Ugh… her devotion was so gross. And then, well, I guess I kinda fell for her.

Now, Sophie’s a centerpiece in our home. And sometimes we talk to her more than we talk to the kids.

When an animal brings joy to your life, you can’t quite get enough of it. Like me, you probably leave work excited about the greeting you’ve come to expect. Your pet acts as if you’ve just returned home from working in a sweatshop or fighting in a war. It’s the first time, every time.

And what an opportunity the metaverse provides by allowing one more outlet for that unadulterated pet love.

You may wonder how this would work. Or perhaps you’ve seen digitally-designed canines walking around in the metaverse.

But they aren’t yours, are they? Not yet. But maybe someday soon.

Let’s talk about what it would be like to bring your pet into the metaverse. No, I’m not barking up the crazy tree. This is happening.

1. The Permanence of Metaverse Pets

I shudder to bring it up, but sooner or later, my slowly-adopted Bichon has to take her leap over the Rainbow Bridge, leaving loss and pain in her wake.

If you’ve been through it, you know. And regardless of how you may feel about getting a new pup, your pet really is irreplaceable.

Maybe you can keep them alive and well—virtually.

ClassicDoge wants to make that dream a reality.

Kade Cooper from ClassicDoge told Cointelegraph, “Down the road, you could walk your dog again, have her sit down next to you even though she’s passed away.” Yes, they want to turn your Terrier into a token. A dog as immortal as Dracula—with less evil vampire stuff. But if you’re into horror, Dog Dracula might be right up your (very dark) alley.

2. Cleanup is a Breeze, Because there is None

When I first adopted our little puppy, I dreaded the clean-up. And then after having her I realized: yes, I actually did hate it. It sucked.

However, your meta-mutt is mess-free. Instead of worrying about shedding, you can focus on staking. Instead of those humiliating little bags you have to carry around when you walk your dog, you can focus on all the cuddles—and none of the crap.

And let’s not forget those times when your dog or cat is making too much noise. Talk about a new way to look at your mute button.

Meta pets bring all of the fun and none of the fuss.

Classic Doge isn’t the first pet project of the metaverse. However, where they shine is the fact that this puppy is your actual furry friend.

You need not swipe through avatars until you find the one with the closest likeness to your precious pup. Your pet is yours from the beginning.

The Digital Pets Company wants in on this type of action, as well.

According to Gamesbeat, the Digital Pets Company wants to “create lifelike interactions using voice, visual, and touch communication to allow people to interact with their Digital Dogs in the same way as their physical pets.”

That means you can actually train your dog or cat. If that’s not your thing, you may want to stick with the avatar.

Bring On The Meta-FURS

I confess that I’m more than a little interested in getting the blockchain version of my Bichon. I know she won’t be here forever. But thanks to some of these advancements, maybe a version of her will.

And maybe the metaverse has just a little more meaning, too. Instead of paying for value created by someone else, I’m bringing my own value with me.


Now that you have your pup forever by your side, how about your favorite beer? Read up on drinking in the metaverse so you and your precious pet can savor the cyber sunshine with a cold brew.

Science has repeatedly shown how pets can really improve your mental health. Having them accompany us in the metaverse will be nothing short of fantastic. Take a look at some other metaverse projects designed with mental wellness in mind.

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