Three Exchanges With No KYC In The USA

As the crypto adoption rates keep skyrocketing globally, the interest among people to register on crypto exchanges is also rising. However, some of them face strong barriers such as geolocalization restrictions, higher deposit requirements, expensive trading fees, among other factors.

One of them is the procedure to submit your data, and it’s sometimes critical in your decision about whether you’ll allocate your cryptocurrencies in such an exchange or not. But people also face a requirement named Know Your Customer (KYC).

What is KYC?

KYC refers to the process by which exchanges verify clients’ information, such as home addresses, contact numbers, passports, identification cards, and driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, the problem also means that it is impossible to buy or sell cryptocurrencies without giving out everything that you value.

Today you can find a lot of crypto exchanges that ask for all these documents upon registering, depositing, or withdrawing. Naturally, nobody likes all this hassle, especially in the United States. However, a list of crypto exchanges does not require KYC or AML upon registration, and we have confirmed they do not require your KYC information.

FTX Exchange

There is an exchange called FTX that provides cryptocurrency derivatives trades such as leveraged tokens, Over The Counter (OTC) markets, and the world’s first index futures, such as EXCH that is a future of an index of the major exchange tokens. In spite of its power and versatility, the FTX platform is easy to use, even for first-time users.

US-based Kraken Exchange

The Kraken platform is a US-based crypto trading platform. US customers can trade futures up to 50x on the exchange, which is one of the few in the world. In addition to institutional account management, Kraken Exchange also offers an OTC desk, among other services. With reasonable margin requirements and decent exchange volume, Kraken is the best option for American customers looking to trade Bitcoin online.

Bitfinex Exchange

Another top-performing exchange, Bitfinex, was once among the world’s top. Unfortunately, in addition to a hack and tether printing, the platform has had years of questionable accidents on its way. However, despite its struggles, the exchange is still in business and holds the industry’s deepest liquidity order book. In addition, there are no critical KYC hurdles for users to sign in.

It is important to note that most exchanges will still require a KYC from you when you deal with fiat currencies.

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