The Top 5 Mobile Cryptocurrency Games

Yes! Playing mobile cryptocurrency games can be fun and at the same time, the player can earn cryptocurrencies along the line. While investing in cryptocurrencies, which have developed rapidly and have become a unique asset class is a sure way to earn, playing crypto games is another way.

Recently, the crypto and the gaming industry are getting intertwined in a number of ways. From some crypto exchanges investing in games to gaming companies producing their own crypto. like the topic to be discussed, you can earn crypto by playing games.

Since there are a lot of bitcoin games and blockchain games available, it can be hard to figure out the right crypto game to play in order to earn well. There are also crypto games that are illegitimate, therefore it would be wise to conduct research on legit crypto games you can play.

To help you with that tedious assignment, this article will summarize the 5 top mobile cryptocurrency games available that you can play.

Bitcoin Bounce

Bitcoin Bounce, produced in 2019 by THNDR Games is a pretty straightforward game. The game is available for download on Play Store for Android mobile phones or iOS, however, for the latter, you have to go through TestFlight installation first as the game is still in a beta phase.

Bitcoin Bounce involves going as far as possible by jumping from platform to platform without falling into the bottomless abyss or having your bouncy properties deflated by spikes. While gaming you have to travel from the left side of your screen to the scrolling and also the right side in order to increase your number.

The more you are able to make the Bitcoin ball pass through different hurdles and gravitational challenges, the higher your score becomes. In addition, if you play the game well and collect lots of thunder items, you will not only increase your number but also earn lottery tickets for the daily draws.

The ticket is a kind of currency that works only for the game and cannot be exchanged outside the game. With this ticket, you can participate in the daily draws that randomly reward players with bitcoin! By playing the game you can win rewards that vary from 25 to 5000 Satoshis.

Satoshi Quiz

Are you a fan of Trivia games that test your knowledge and reflexive skills? Then Satoshi Quiz is for you. It is an online trivia quiz game where you can earn Bitcoin for answering questions correctly not just on crypto but on various categories like movies, general knowledge, or history.

There are majorly two sections under the Satoshi Quiz game. There is The Faucet Game Mode where each player is given a total of 10 lives. For every question answered incorrectly, the player loses one life.

After losing all the lives, the player waits for 10 new lives at the beginning of the next hour. The first three users to answer the question correctly get awarded 60% to the first, 30% to the second user, and 10% to the third user.

While the Challenge mode is where players can challenge the quizzes on specific categories that cost a fee which will be deducted from their account.


CropBytes is a crypto game that you can download from Android or iOS. You can earn cryptocurrency by playing this game. However, the game is built into a digital wallet application called Tron. You can exchange these coins to receive bitcoins.

This is a simulation game in which you can play different roles. You can become a farmer and get involved in agriculture. You can also become a dealer or investor in this game. If you take on all the roles at the same time, you can earn a great deal of income.

This application allows you to do crypto mining and crypto trading on the open market. The value of crypto assets depends on in-game market conditions. Some of the most important factors influencing value are the activities and offerings of the participants. The earnings of this game are calculated in TRX.

Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet is a mobile blockchain game where you can explore a crypto planet, mine valuable resources called crystals, and earn real cryptocurrencies. This is the type of game that requires time because a player needs to leave the machine that excavates the crystals to run for hours then go back to collect the crystal.

After earning, there is a game wallet available for players to store their coins, and also transfer their crypto to any other wallet.


0xUniverse is an online space game created by 0x Games. The game entails buying spaceships, discovering planets (which are digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain), and also purchasing them.

In the game, you can also travel with rockets that you have paid for their launch. To play the game you have to invest some amount then while playing you can earn digital coins like Ethereum which can be exchanged with bitcoin using a wallet.


There are a lot of crypto games out there that you can play to earn some crypto. The mobile games mentioned in this article are ones you will enjoy playing. The benefits that come with playing such games include earning while playing and learning about blockchain.

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