The Psychedelic Industry Joins the Metaverse

Everyone has that one creepy neighbor. Mine has been giving me chills lately. The other day she followed me into the elevator and stared straight in my face, not saying a word. That ride lasted an eternity. 

I don’t judge her. The state of mental health in the U.S. is a disaster. Even prior to COVID-19, almost 20% of adults (or nearly 50 million Americans) were afflicted with some sort of mental illness, according to a recent report

This means that one in five Americans is “losing it”. What’s scary is that more than half of adults with mental illness don’t receive any medical help. America is deep in a mental health crisis. And the bad news is that the rest of the world is catching up.  

Not surprisingly, non-traditional treatments are gaining popularity. According to a Delic Holdings survey, 65% of people who have PTSD, depression, or anxiety say psychedelic medicine should be an easily-available option. 

The metaverse and psychedelics are a match made in heaven. Imagine tripping out and choosing your own place for peace of mind; traversing the surface of Mars, the Amazon rainforest, or a Caribbean island. Still, many questions remain. Would we meet other avatars? Are there any trained medical practitioners who could look after us in the metaverse? How do we make it a safe experience? 

A few projects are already exploring the metaverse of psychedelics. Here’s what they’re preparing for us. 

PSLY.COM This project will allow clinicians to host psychedelic therapy sessions in the metaverse. is a recently announced merger of Miami-based startup Ei.Ventures and another psychedelic company, Mycotopia. Upon closing the transaction, the project’s estimated market value will be approximately $383 million.

To allow medical professionals to provide psychedelic therapy, Ei.Ventures purchased virtual real estate in The Sandbox. The deal is valued at $2.22 million and represents the third-largest sale in 3D land history. 

By the way, Mycotopia is already operational in Jamaica and the Netherlands, where psilocybin is legal. 

Tripp. This Los Angeles-based XR wellness and digital psychedelics startup is also setting foot in the metaverse. The platform, which has already served up 3.5 million meditative experiences to help people relax, can also be used to facilitate psychedelic journeys. The founders believe that in the metaverse people open up freely because they feel less judgment from an avatar as opposed to a person.

The company began as a virtual reality app for VR headsets but later announced strategic partnerships with Meta, Qualcomm, and a number of other metaverse pioneers.  

Tripp has also acquired PsyAssist, a mobile app used by people to keep their psychedelic experiences on track.  

Revitaland. Revitalist, one of the largest publicly listed US-based ketamine companies, is partnering with Metachain Technologies to create this innovative virtual clinic. Recently, Revitaland entered the alpha testing phase. 

Patients will be able to attend virtual sessions with mental health professionals in real-time. The project includes a cryptocurrency token—used to fund patient treatment—and an innovative NFT-based rewards program.     

According to Kathryn Walker, CEO of Revitalist, the metaverse will not replace certain therapies such as Ketamine IV infusions. However, it will provide patients with more options, with faster delivery compared to traditional face-to-face approaches. 

“We want to reach as many people as possible and provide our mental health solutions for their everyday lives,” Walker said. “Mental health doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t have borders, and is only getting worse in today’s society.”

I am looking forward to my neighbor’s first trip to the psychedelic-infused metaverse. 

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  1. Great coverage of an important topic. So cool to learn about innovations with mental health, psychedelics, and the Metaverse.

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