The NuNet Platform — What Is It And ICO Prospects?

First off, the computing power is not evenly distributed to networks to run on because there’s a large number of latent computing resources that have been lying dormant and unused in private computers and gadgets. In addition to that, these resources are expensive. Only the big players and private individuals can afford the computing resources needed to develop technological tools. These players control the market, further elongating the gap in access to these resources.

It is estimated that the computing power of devices owned by private individuals exceeds the fastest supercomputers by a significant magnitude. It’s necessary to provide globally distributed computing power for DeFi protocols to fastrack development. NuNet is a platform that allows everyone to share and monetize their computing resources. Private individuals can leverage the protocol to share their resources and get paid for doing that.

Through the power of blockchain technology, NuNet turns cloud computing power from a centralized server into an open protocol. NuNet was launched on the SingularityDAO.

NuNet Architecture

NuNet was created by a team of developers to power the economy of decentralized computing networks by allowing them to leverage resources to facilitate transactions. NuNet aims to integrate computing resources and data into one centralized marketplace through powerful APIs.

Sharing and monetization of resources also include storage and computing capacities. Anyone can utilize the power of algorithms, human creativity, and machine intelligence on a large scale.

The infrastructure is built of APIs that facilitate transactions between customers and providers of resources/ providers of data. Each device that joins the ecosystem hosts an adapter that empowers it to deliver computing power and data around the network. There are network operating agents that are also involved in enforcing transactions.

NuNet has made it clear that it intends to drive innovation in the computing space by maximizing resources. However, it can only do this by incentivizing the stakeholders that intend to contribute to the success of the ecosystem. Below are the various stakeholders that participate in the ecosystem.

Compute Providers

These providers add resources that power NuNet. Compute providers register CPU power, the GPU, and other resources using the APIs. This then allows users to know the capacities of their devices. Users can also turn the resources in their devices into token revenue.

Compute providers can also donate their resources from the goodwill of their hearts without asking for income. Regardless of the motive, compute providers add resources to the ecosystem and make them available for others.

Data Providers

Data providers are similar to compute providers. They add and offer resources to the network via APIs. Unlike compute providers, data providers input data about their assets into NuNet’s API. This communicates what they want to the network, including the price and availability.

AI Service Providers

These are people that register software services to the NuNet infrastructure for execution. AI providers communicate with compute providers, who provide the resources to run the AI services alongside the data providers.

Network Operators

These operators are also responsible for running the platform. They implement decisions that deliver more value to their users and optimize network traffic in a cost-effective and efficient way. Network operators are essential because they prevent scammers, malicious, and corrupt activities from happening on the platform.

Other people that participate in the ecosystem are platform developers — people that develop the platform’s codebase and handle the technical side of NuNet and consumers — those who utilize the computing resources.

NuNet Token ICO Prospects

NuNet Token is the native token of the platform. One of its utilities is to keep the ecosystem fluid and sustain its tokenomics. Various players can only access the platform through the tokens.

NuNet recently concluded its ICO on SingularityDAO, but token distribution is ongoing. 100 million NTX will be distributed to SingularityDAO, 20 million NTX tokens will be distributed via IDOs on launchpads, while 10 million NTX tokens will be distributed via DEX after token generation.

Already, the token is available on the Binance exchange, but can’t be bought directly using fiat. You can only purchase this coin by buying Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, and Binance Coin, and then trade it for NTX token.

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