The NFTimes Volume 7 – Has NFTs?

If you’re an investor or trader, OpenSea is where it’s hopping.

You can list your NFT on one of the new platforms like LooksRare or X2Y2, but you might struggle to find a buyer. OpenSea has the most volume, and in the incredibly illiquid NFT market, this is essential to success. That’s why launching an NFT collection exclusive to another platform is so bold. is getting the word out.

They ran a Super Bowl Ad.

But did you know that they have an NFT platform?

The platform is similar to the other largest crypto exchange, FTX; however, launched more than 6 months earlier. They collaborate on projects with popular artists, brands, and celebrities to make limited-edition drops that premiere only on the platform. They’ve built an impressive, albeit eclectic, group of collaborators including Snoop Dogg, the Philadelphia 76ers, Aston Martin, the International Ice Hockey Worlds, and the UFC.

The AlphaBot Society

It took only 19-minutes.

And the AlphaBots were gone.

One of the most successful NFT collections launched on the platform is AlphaBot Society. In a matter of a few days it became the project with the 3rd highest trading volume ever, ahead of Snoop Dogg. It’s a collection of 10,000 3D robot NFTs that act as tickets to a complex choose your own adventure story. put out their NFT platform almost a year ago, AlphaBot Society is only its third ever curated profile picture collection.

With exclusivity comes benefits.

At the center of the project is a complex interactive science-fiction storyline. The founders wanted to bring the community an entertaining experience by letting them choose how the story plays out. It’s not the only NFT project with this idea. A few others including Edenhorde and Duskbreakers use a similar concept but are fundamentally different in other ways.

The AlphaBots Lore

The AlphaBot Society has outdone everyone with their backstory.

The team has released the story’s prologue in a polished video. It takes place in the distant future where humans spend all their time in the metaverse, leaving the real-life tasks to an army of sentient robots.

First, 10 robots called Protos were built to perform specific tasks to shore up the quickly diminishing human labor. After they became a massive success, 10,000 clones called AlphaBots were built to take over the workforce completely.

Sadly, they were ill-prepared for what happened next.

The Protos were lost in a major electromagnetic incident and have been hailed as legends by the AlphaBots ever since.

After this development, the AlphaBots were split into 10 different factions based on their skill sets, jobs, and even personalities. Eventually, the AlphaBots closed off the metaverse, preventing humans from reentering the real world.

Why did the AlphaBots rebel?

They wanted to inherit the Earth and create their own society to replace humankind. The end of the video hints at a major turning point where holders will get to influence how the AlphaBot Society moves forward.

Can AlphaBots Thrive on a Small Platform?

Even if the collection didn’t have an intricate story woven into it, it would hold up well with other popular 3D NFT projects.

The art is fantastic and it was created by the co-founder himself, Travis Ragsdale. He is an experienced NFT creator and sought-after 3D artist who has worked with major companies such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, and more.

The only possible downside to the art is that within factions, some AlphaBots can look a little too similar for some people’s liking. However, this is not the end of the world. Tons of other top projects have the same issue. 3D NFT collections are infamous for building fake hype and losing it all as soon as they reveal their sub-par art.

AlphaBots is doing it the right way. They started with great art and a small community and have been slowly and organically building it out with their story and teasers.

It worked. AlphaBots are less expensive than any other top story-driven project.

Even though the NFTs are affordable, the story’s production value is high. They provide a reasonable entry point for new investors looking to get involved with a story-first NFT collection. Trading on can be more intuitive to investors new to the NFT space as well.

Interested in more awesome NFT projects? Check the previous volume of NFTimes and don’t forget to stay tuned for the coming ones!

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