The Network That Unites Retail Investors With Socially Responsible Business

For the Coop Network, “blockchain” means co-operation. Accordingly, community-focused profit-sharing stands at the center of Coop’s decentralized blockchain project, which aims to unite retail crypto investors and mainstream enterprises seeking to implement blockchain payment and investment solutions.

Underserved markets are an especially vital component of Coop’s strategic ambitions. The Coop Network serves the global cannabidiol (CBD) sector, which despite a 47% CAGR projected growth rate over the next 7 years, has long been shunned by mainstream financial institutions and the corporate world in general. They recently reaffirmed their commitment to extracting and processing CBD oil–scientifically proven to alleviate pain in cancer and seizure patients–and distributing the treatments to those in need.

The network runs on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, which puts the institution’s control in the hands of its members, with a Governing Council serving as the main decision-making organ, where each member of the Council is granted one vote. In the past, “one member, one vote” governance structures were exceedingly difficult to execute–as members often had to gather together in person. However, with blockchain technology, the Coop Network can now function as a shared economy, made up of a collective of entities who come together to support common financial goals under a democratic framework.

Network Tokens and Investor Benefits

The Coop Network has two main coins. The first is GMD, which serves as a governance coin, based on a Proof of Stake (PoS) model. It is primarily used for DeFi transactions, as well as investing and staking. Secondary functions include forging, leasing, node control, and the settling of gas fees. GMD’s supply is capped at one billion, with 35M burned already in the Genesis wallet, and is currently available for purchase on high-profile exchanges as BitMart, Changelly/Changelly Pro, BiBox, and CoinTiger. GMD’s real-time price changes are on track on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and CoinPaprika.

GMD is a deflationary coin, which can be easily staked to earn an attractive annual percentage rate (APR). One major advantage that the coin has over others is enhanced decentralization: there were no private sales, seed sales, or pre-sales held prior to the public sale, which has prevented crypto whales from gaining control of the network. To further strengthen network security, the Governance Council has permanently locked 50% of the total supply of GMD coins in five safety wallets–100M in each, with Multisign providing additional fortification, meaning that all members of the Council must be in agreement if funds are to be transferred. This strategy protects the PoS blockchain from 51% attacks. Malicious entities typically use these types of attacks to hijack blockchains and siphon funds.

The second coin on the network is a security coin named COOP-S that has been minted exclusively on the Coop blockchain and requires transactors to meet the platform’s strict anti-money-laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) standards. Holders of COOP-S will earn dividends generated from all Coop real businesses.

Diverse Solutions to Benefit the Member Community

The COOP Network provides a diverse range of financial functions and public-good applications. For example, they have received legal clearance to build their own lending union powered by the blockchain, have been instrumental in telemedicine development, and continue to make investments in vertical farming.

There are also plans to open a Coop Academy, which will give young learners the tools they need to master cutting-edge technologies and succeed in an increasingly digital economy. The Academy will provide programming courses in AR/VR systems, and stimulate student’s intellectual curiosity with programmable drones and robots.

Check through the whitepaper to understand more. Any technical information regarding the Coop Network/GMD-Blockchain can be found at GitHub.

Join The Coop Network community on the official Telegram to know weekly updates and chat with community members.

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