The Metaverse And Yield Farming – How The Two Work Together

Recently NFT heroes launched a project known as SIDUS, a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform that operates with the latest technology.

However, this innovation allows users access to a digital art collection, an NFT game service, metaverse, and yield farming. If you want to understand Metaverse and yield farming read on. And, how do the two work together?

Let me introduce SIDUS. In the SIDUS community, you can earn with your NFTs tokens from both depending on what you want.

How Metaverse and Yield Farming Work Together

With the launch of the new NFT collection, the SIDUS has brought together a gaming DAO metaverse and yield farm. It combines the NFT yield farming, a gaming metaverse, and an NFT avatar collection into one product. The space-themed NFT collection targets the market’s desire to invest in NFT projects backed by liquidity and real value. The one that lasts and doesn’t phase out within a short while.

However, SIDUS blends a gamingDAOmetaverse, a yield farm, and an NFT avatar collection. The platform takes the best from each of these to offer users a memorable gaming experience and multiple opportunities to earn more funds. It also provides them with a space for wearing armor to display the motifs of their preferred crypto project.

Metaverse Gaming Mechanism

With an NFT avatar worth 0.055ETH, a user can access about 7,500 characters through twelve blockchains. It all started in a metaverse with the outbreak of war. Four thousand inhabitants from various blockchain spaces are to take asylum in the dumped city. There, they are to form a new ecosystem named ‘SIDUS.’

Good examples of such space blockchain are Cardaggar, a self-governing network, and Bitcoin, the biggest planet. The idea of forming a new ecosystem is to separate themselves from their previous experience and the clashes that took place between them. These inhabitants select their new identity under the name tag NFT Heroes. With time, the 4,000 NFT Heroes will start fighting for resources, each competing for an opportunity.

This competition will then make SIDUS look more like a battlefield, and some of the dwellers will start to evolve their skills and modernize their bodies. They are named “Rare Heros”, while a few selected NFT Heroes rise to form ‘Squad of Legendary Heroes.’ Users that wish to access this metaverse are required to acquire any of these avatars. They can then craft, compete for power and spotlight, trade, play, and earn in the SIDUS ecosystem.

Individual avatars can be equipped with a lightsaber, a sonic grenade, armor-piercing bullets, and other forms of weaponry. Users that participate in the in-gaming economy add to the value of the network; they are compensated with NFTs tokens.

SIDUS Yield Farming

Players can also stake their NFTs to earn rewards in NFT tokens which is the native token of NFT stars through Galaxy Staking. Galaxy Staking is an NFT yield farming service operating in conjunction with NFT Heroes non-fungible tokens. It offers three tiers of yield farming Legendary, Rare and Original. The three are differentiated by the number of rewards that they receive; otherwise, they are similar.

The holders’ reward increases as the rarity of the staked NFT Hero goes higher. The number of other NFTs with a similar rarity that has been staked in the pool also determines the size of the reward. The first set of Galaxy Staking will last for six months, starting from October 2021. After which, the SIDUS community and team may review the terms and conditions.


The metaverse and yield farming work together via a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform – the SIDUS. The project nicknamed the NFT Heroes had its launch in August 2021. The platform offers rewards for users who farm via their Galaxy yield farming service based on rarity. They also launched a DAO metaverse where NFTs holders gain governance rights and rewards via their gaming system.

This implies that you can earn either via their gaming functionality-metaverse or galaxy staking-yield farming service. As users leverage these two opportunities, they increase the value of the native token and promote the SIDUS project. But you need to first hold some amount of the SIDUS NFTs tokens before you can stake or play.

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