The Martians: Get Your Ticket To Board The Mars’ Metaverse Project

In this metaverse, everyone can make their dreams come true.

The economic system in this metaverse is designed to help all players gain financial benefits through gameplay. Buildings in the starting colony can be purchased using Mars Token (MRST), which players earn through a play-to-earn system. This means players have an opportunity to own a private house, which they can then customize and decorate. Participants are also able to invite friends to their homes for various activities, including playing music, chatting, and throwing parties.

This intriguing metaverse project will also have commercial buildings that players can customize into shopping centers, schools, art galleries, and more. Hosting events–including parties, sports, and competitions–in these spaces can help users earn additional profits.

The Mars Studio is software that allows metaverse participants to design buildings and clothing, which can then be sold in the marketplace or published as NFTs. Players can even have hobbies in the metaverse.

While the metaverse platform isn’t currently scheduled to be fully released until 2024, it has received widespread attention.

The important dates you need to know:

  • January 12th – Start of The Mars Whitelist
  • January 26th – 28th – Mint 5,000 NFTs
  • January 28th – Close of The Mars Whitelist
  • January 28th – Close of Influencer’s Whitelist
  • January 29th – Winner Announcement
  • January 29th – Start of Deposits
  • February 4th – Deposit Deadline
  • February 4th -Release Channel at OpenSea
  • February 7th ~ February 11th – Send NFTs
  • February 14th – Start of Sales
  • February 18th – Random Card Reveal

Alpha testing will begin sometime in 2022, when MRST is listed on global cryptocurrency exchanges. Two closed Beta rounds will launch in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2023, followed by an Open Beta in the 4th quarter, culminating in the official release of “The Mars” in 2024.

The Martians NFTs will be released as Random Cards between February 16th and February 18th, 2022. After all the minting is complete, the rarity table will be released on February 18th, 2022.

Keep your eyes out for other updates about this exciting new metaverse here on Blockster.

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