The Gala Token – A Reason To Celebrate? (GALA)

Unfortunately, many play-to-earn games (P2E) are tedious, underdeveloped, ad-focused timewasters. But several companies, such as Gala Games, are quickly changing this reality.

Gala Games is a platform building blockchain powered games. Originally launched in 2020, they pride themselves on making games people want to play. Given the fact that Gala Games’ CEO is Eric Schiermeyer, a co-founder of Zynga and the incredibly popular Farmville, Gala’s prospects appear golden.

In addition, the project aims to build a system where gamers retain ownership of their in-game items. Should a user lose access to the platform due to a shutdown or ban, they would still own their in-game items.

What is GALA?

The Gala Game platform uses its own token, known as GALA–the primary digital asset within the gaming ecosystem–to purchase items and much more.

Users can contribute to the ecosystem by running what is called a Gala Node. To do this, users must buy a license to run the software on their computers. They receive GALA coins as rewards, with the possibility of earning rare NFTs. Node quantity is currently capped at 50,000.

What Games are Available?

To date, Gala has nine different games in varying levels of development. Games are free to play, and users can access them through a decentralized application (DApp). Games include:

  • Town Star – A town development game where players compete to earn NFTs
  • Spider Tanks – A multiplayer online battle arena game where players compete on a variety of maps using spider tanks and other weapons
  • Mirandus – A fantasy RPG adventure where players build land for revenue and fight monsters
  • Echoes of Empire – A science fiction strategy game where players fight for resources throughout the universe
  • Fortified – A PvP tower defense game where players test strategies using their own assets
  • Legends Reborn – A card strategy game based on building decks and beating challengers
  • The Walking Dead: Empires – A multiplayer survival game that takes place in AMC’s The Walking Dead world
  • Legacy – A business development game that allows users to design and create their own products
  • Last Expedition – A first-person shooter where players try to survive a hostile alien world

In addition to the games, players have access to the Gala NFT store, where they can purchase in-game assets in different cryptocurrencies. The items are classified as:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Ancient

What Makes Gala Games Special?

Blockchain-powered P2E games and player-owned assets are nothing new in the crypto world. However, there are some things that set this platform apart from its peers.

While Gala Games was originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, they’ve recently bridged the GALA token to Binance Smart Chain. This move reduces the transaction fees for users when they spend their GALA tokens.

Gala has a variety of games and makes gameplay a priority. Gala Games also makes it easy for users to buy and sell their in-game items via the built-in marketplace. Players are able to sell their game rewards and purchase new items, and even characters, to improve their gaming experience.

Over 1.3 million Gala users make for a massive player base. And that number is growing every day. In theory, the popularity of Gala’s games should continue to soar. Currently, only two games are in development but the lineup of upcoming games looks very promising.

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