The Future of Fashion: 5 Fashion Brands Dominating Web3

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The Future of Fashion is the Metaverse

Metaverse Fashion Week has been the most hyped fashion week of this year. DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Charles & Keith, and Prive Porter made history, as they showcased their collections along with popular Web3 brands like DeadFellaz, The Sevens, 8SIAN, Fang Gang, and The Mortiverse. 

Milan Fashion Week is so 2000.

Fashion Week provided an immersive shopping experience, where buying virtual clothing in Decentraland resulted in physical clothing shipped to one’s home. The historic event, which took place a few months ago, was made possible using exclusive technology that converts 2D product images into 3D experiences.

Digital Wearables

Fashion brands can now sell their products as digital wearables via NFTs in virtual worlds like Decentraland, Roblox, and Fortnite. Digital wearables can be introduced on social media and tried on via personalized avatars before physical clothes are produced. This has huge benefits for clothing brands in terms of supply chain management and research. The “try before buy” model will have enormous repercussions for the fashion industry. Brands must begin to embrace the metaverse immediately if they are to emerge as winners over the next five years. 

Every month, the number of fashion brands beginning their foray into the world of Web3 increases, with NFTs and the metaverse driving their growth and sales strategies. 

Fashionistas, take note: many fashion brands are already living in the future!


This Italian luxury fashion brand needs no introduction. As a well-established brand founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, they’ve been dominating social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok and are now ready to take over the metaverse. 

After dropping multiple NFT collections and entering The Sandbox’s metaverse, Gucci recently announced that they are ready to accept cryptocurrency in selected stores as a pilot. Gucci’s true fans can expect to see more jaw-dropping Web3 projects soon as they have hired a dedicated team responsible solely for crypto and Web3.


Following up on their Balmain x Barbie ready-to-wear collection–designed by Olivier Rousteing​​–they continue to shake up the Web3 fashion world. A recent NFT drop on MINTNFT offered collectors three unique Barbie avatars, each dressed in pieces from the IRL collection. The highest bidders will retain exclusive ownership of the avatar; better yet, they will receive a physical set of doll-sized Balmain clothing.

POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs were also given to those who attended the live drop event; they can forever flex their proof of attendance with their digital tickets. We are now seeing more and more virtual events use NFTs for ticketing. From parties to fashion shows, the possibilities are endless.


Last September the French luxury fashion house surprised us all when they collaborated with Fortnite for a series of in-game wearables and an apparel collection. Not long after that, Balenciaga made a surprise announcement: they were assembling a new business unit dedicated to the metaverse.

Although we haven’t gotten any sneak previews of their metaverse plans yet, we do know that they are taking small steps, slowly but surely.

News just in: Beginning from June 2022, the French luxury label Balenciaga will start to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment online at select offline locations, with plans to accept a wider variety of cryptocurrencies in the future. Wow! Something about this is giving us the feeling that we will be getting a massive metaverse-related announcement from Balenciaga next month. We are confident that their dedicated metaverse team has already begun working behind the scenes.

Louis Vuitton

For their 200th birthday, French fashion house Louis Vuitton (LV) dropped an epic mobile game called LOUIS THE GAME (on August 4, 2021) which is available on both play store and app store. The game has been compared to Nintendo’s hit game The Legend of Zelda, but with a twist: the game explores the journey of the fashion house’s mascot Vivienne. As the brand’s in-game virtual avatar, Vivienne is on a mission to complete several quests, as she makes her way through the long history of Louis Vuitton while players learn about the brand and collect NFTs along the way.

The game features 30 NFTs made in collaboration with NFT artist Beeple. LOUIS THE GAME is continuously evolving and expanding; new features are being added all the time. The latest version has ten new different Vivienne NFTs, with two new locations, and more challenges to keep the hype alive for all Louis Vuitton superfans.

Dolce & Gabbana

At the first Metaverse Fashion Week, hosted by Decentraland, Dolce&Gabbana released a bespoke collection of twenty metaverse wearables designed to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the medium. One of the pioneer high-fashion brands in Metaverse Fashion Week, D&G is an icon to keep an eye on. The Italian luxury brand also officially kicked off DGFamily, an exclusive NFT community, which promises a whole ecosystem of benefits for holders, including access to exclusive drops, physical and digital events, and bombshell collaborations. 

The Fashion Industry is getting creative and innovative with blockchain and Web3 technology. NFTs have ceased being “only JPEGS”; they have evolved into in-game digital wearables, digital tickets, and much more. 

Derisha Aryawan is currently based in Indonesia. She is a consultant, creator, and community builder in Web3. She has been writing lifestyle content since 2014, and now also writes about the crypto lifestyle for Blockster. Connect and say hi to her on DeSo, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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