The Fierce Bezogi – Don’t Call Them Cute

bezoge earth

A lot is going on.

The creators are launching the beta version of the game in Q2 this year; however, much remains to be done.

So, where to start?

Right here!

Bezoge Earth has two websites. The websites are and

● breaks down the tokenomics of the Bezoge Earth coin ($BEZOGE) and

Bezogi NFTs, while providing an in-depth roadmap for fans of all things Bezoge. The company had a 100 quadrillion supply at the start. Over 57% of the supply has been burned forever and continues with each transaction. This leaves 43% in circulation, and 6% are currently in dev wallets and treasury wallets. Tokens can be acquired on the Uniswap, 1 Inch, Hotbit, MEXC, BKEX, and LBank exchanges.

● is the website for the game Legends of Bezogia. This is where you can register to be an alpha tester, learn about the different breeds of Bezogi, and keep current with game news and trends.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the Bezoge community? The Bezoge Discord server is chock full of enthusiastic fanboys and fangirls discussing the project and growing the Bezoge community. Come for the memes and art, stay for the community and fun.

Legends in the Making

Bezoge is wasting no time. They currently have fifteen developers on staff and are adding about two more each week. The Legends of Bezogia is well on its way to being one of the best GameFi games out there!

Here is what had to say about it:

“The Legends of Bezogia gives the player the power to fully control their character’s destiny in a game that is actually fun to play. A meme-packed hilariously fun game that gives players the option to play for fun or play to earn, or both.”

The game includes a Freezone for players and eight Bezogi breeds to choose from, all with their own lands. And all Bezogi NFTs are available on OpenSea. Each Bezogi has a color attributed to it, and is originates from one of the following breeds:

● Zerkzogi – The red attribute represents attack. They are well-groomed, highly styled obedient gentlezogi, but when the blood flows, they drift from the path of honor to the direction of chaos. Once in combat, all morals go out the window, and they kill, kill, kill, often just for the pure fun of it in their insatiable desire for blood.

● Speedzogi – The yellow attribute represents speed. The legendary purebred Speedzogi are the only breed on Bezogia that can break the sound barrier when moving at full speed, leaving an iconic yet mesmerizing yellow trail of sparks in their wake.

● Sheildzogi – The blue attribute represents a shield. The Shieldzogi are well-kept, tempered, and eloquently spoken. They are often seen polishing their armor and sharpening their swords. Everyone relies upon the world-renowned Shieldzogi and their stellar protection when danger is at hand.

● Holyzogi – The white attribute represents healing. The White Holyzogi are the healer breed of Bezogi, and their key ability is a sacred 12-word seed phrase–when chanted repeatedly, magically heals other Bezogi. Mystical purebred White Bezogi are the only fabled heroes who know the full recovery phrase; they keep their magical Recovery Seed Amulet close to their chest.

● Freezogi – The green attribute represents HP. In the far northern reaches of Bezogia lies a frozen and hostile landscape inhabited by the deeply terrifying Green Freezogi. They enjoy the thrill of the kill, and they are hooked on the noxious gasses encased within the blocks that reside deep within the tundra. When mined, the blocks release a potent gas which, when inhaled, sends the Freezogi into a hyperactive psychotic state–filling them with power, unholy stamina, and the maddening desire to inhale more gas.

● Fudzogi – The orange attribute represents fud. The Orange Fudzogi thrive on cheats, lowballing and crude engineering, often scamming their victims out of everything they have, or luring them into nasty traps crudely designed by their wicked spin doctors. The Fudzogi thrive in the dip; and they roll in it proudly, reveling in the heartbreaking losses of their enemies.

● Darkzogi – The black attribute represents improved Bezogi summoning abilities. This is a tale of darkness–of insatiable block burning and the dark magic that dwells deep in the depths of Bezogia. The Darkzogi harness their power by mercilessly burning blocks: they burn them black and suck the life force out of them, repurposing their core energy using terrifying dark magic to summon Bezogi. This gives them their distinctive dark look and power, which comes at a high price.

● Mintzogi – The gold attribute represents improved minting abilities. The Mintzogi run the lands of Bezogia, commanding great respect and power. They decide who triumphs and who is crushed. They craft and refine weapons used by the armies of Bezogia to annihilate their foes.

Ready to play yet?

An amazing mystical world awaits you.

Currently, the company has a few thousand players registered for the game’s alpha release.They are pushing for 30K at beta and 100,000 players globally this year.

Get in on this incredibly fun game and earn $BEZOGE by the bucket-load. It’s about to get wild in Bezogia

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