The Crypto Village. Cities Where Crypto Is Hot!

Edgy leaders are all-in on the positive force that is cryptocurrency. They use crypto to drive business, generate excitement, and take payment, even in the form of their paychecks. Leaders such as Mayor Suarez of Miami, Florida, Mayor Adams of New York City, and President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador understand that in order to rise to the top, one must take risks.


This beautiful city is experiencing a boom in growth, thanks in good part to Mayor Suarez. He not only takes his salary in Bitcoin, but he has also minted a coin for the city, MiamiCoin. He plans to distribute profits to the residents of Miami.

Miami’s white-sand beaches also play host to the annual Bitcoin Conference. Mayor Suarez persuaded organizers to move the event from Los Angeles to Miami in 2021.

“We’re here for nothing short of a revolution,” the website boasts.

The conference takes place over four days in this tropical paradise. Grab your flip-flops, a Cuban coffee, and mingle with other Bitcoin fanatics.

New York City

The Big Apple has always been a city that prides itself on leading the pack. This city considers itself the center of the world, and they may be right. The city brims with possibility. Immigrants, artists, and innovators alike have long since made their home here, and it’s no wonder.

Currently, over thirty merchants in the city accept Bitcoin, and NYC’s new mayor, Eric Adams, has vowed to take his first three paychecks in cryptocurrency. He plans to convert them to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

New York is also home to a few giant crypto companies such as Coinbase, Gemini, and Chainalysis.

El Zonte, El Salvador

This mellow beach town has fantastic food, pristine beaches, and great surfing. They are also rebranding themselves as “Bitcoin Beach.”

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, made headlines worldwide when he adopted Bitcoin as the national tender. Nearly 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs are currently being installed around the country. Residents can pay taxes with Bitcoin, and they also have access to a Bitcoin wallet, Chivo, that has low fees. Government officials insist that the launch of Chivo has included millions of citizens that previously lacked bank accounts.

More recently, President Bukele rejected a call to drop Bitcoin use by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Crypto Going Global

These cities have made cryptocurrency a priority. In doing so, they have put themselves at the forefront of the crypto revolution. They can see the future–and how bright it will become. Companies in crypto cities are attracting top talent, and as a result, these cities are increasing their population, revenue, and visibility. They are positioning themselves at the forefront of the next tech innovation wave.

Whether you’re lacing up your sneakers in the city or hitting the beach, there are cities everywhere getting ready to accommodate your cryptocurrency. Visit one of these cities, pay in Bitcoin, and join the revolution.

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