The Continued Decentralization Of Music: Gala Music

Gala Music is now home to Death Row Records, owned by legendary hip hop artist Snoop Dogg.

Snoop was named the official owner of the major record label earlier this month, marking a significant addition for Gala and an important move for the artist whose debut album, Doggystyle, released with the label in 1993.

Now, almost thirty years later, Snoop has vowed to make Death Row Records an NFT label.

A recent quote from the legend shows how invested he is in this new opportunity: “Just like how we broke the industry when we was the first independent to be major, I want to be the first major in the metaverse, so Death Row will be an NFT label.”

Snoop remains bullish on the benefits that the metaverse and NFTs can provide to artists and fans. This bold move gives credibility to the emerging crypto space and will undoubtedly draw attention from fellow artists and fans alike.

Gala is ready to host them all.

Gala Music Leads the Way

According to their bright and hypnotizing website, Gala Music is “setting music free on the blockchain.” They plan to empower artists, champion talent, and share rewards with users. It’s the ultimate in community engagement.

Users can join two different nodes: a player node and a fan node.

A music node functions like a personalized jukebox or playlist that anyone can access. By adding music to your playlist, you can earn money whenever someone plays your songs.

The player nodes can play anything, including hosting NFTs and enabling users to participate in the broader ecosystem.

Fan nodes exist for superfans. This elite group grants its users access to special drops and the ability to host and earn. Think of this as a backstage pass.

Player nodes first launched on February 11th, and fan nodes will come later.

The nodes are for sale for $1,200 GALA (the ecosystem’s native token) plus ETH gas fees. The GALA token can be purchased on seven exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.

Bacc On Death Row Exclusive Perks

Listeners don’t need a node to listen to or purchase music, but having a specific fan node can make users get drops earlier. Rewards will be issued in Gala Music Tokens.

Snoop Dogg released his album, B.O.D.R (Bacc On Death Row) in partnership with Gala Games, a partner to Gala Music. Gala Games’s release of the album includes one of the tracks as an NFT. Special events could be one of the perks.

Snoop super-fans can buy a Stash Box with a ton of perks. Owners of the Stash Box have the opportunity to collect seventeen different NFT tracks.

Gala Games is not making it easy, but the fan that can collect all NFTs will be invited to private parties, including a possible barbecue at Snoop’s house.

Thanks to today’s crypto technology, concertgoers no longer need to save their ticket stubs or try to catch a glimpse of their favorite musicians in public. Gala is preserving music memories on the blockchain, where they will last forever.

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