The BXR Token’s New Utility: Access to the Blockster Club

Blockster Club, BXR token utility was originally launched as a crypto-focussed social media platform in July 2021. The Blockster (BXR) token was created as part of the Blockster platform and BXR stakers were to receive a 20% share of ad revenues generated on the platform. 

We conducted a BXR token sale in June 2021 and sold ~300k BXR tokens to the public at prices between $1 to $2.25. 

But the social media platform never made it out of beta. Development was slow and expensive, the platform was buggy and we couldn’t attract and retain users despite multiple different marketing campaigns. In May 2022 we switched off the social media part of the platform and pivoted to being a Web3 media company and brand focused on crypto lifestyle content creation.

In time, all our content will be video-led and focused on the lifestyle and pop culture angle of Web3. We’ll be covering the sexy side of crypto where fashion houses and rappers and sports stars are involved. Blockster will nurture a cool, edgy vibe that brings crypto to the mainstream audience by using celebrities and premium brands. 

The Blockster Club will be our worldwide community of millions of people who associate strongly with our brand’s ethos of working smart and hustling hard to make that money.

Blockster will become a noun in the urban dictionary – a Blockster is a blockchain hustler. I’m a Blockster. You’re a Blockster.

We at Blockster are of course very excited about this recent pivot. It was a data-driven decision based on almost a year of user feedback so we feel the Blockster product concept has evolved and improved. This pivot was necessary for the survival of Blockster because what we started out doing just wasn’t working. As with many products, Blockster’s road to success has not been an easy or predetermined one. 

But the closure of the social media platform effectively killed the ads revenue sharing utility of BXR and amidst uncertainty about the future of the Blockster project there was a selloff. Trading volume is currently near zero and the original buyers of BXR last year have given up and don’t like me very much. 

The maximum supply of BXR is 100 million and it’s impossible to mint more for any reason. The company controls ~70 million BXR and about 25 million is distributed amongst founders and early investors. This means there’s only a few million BXR that’s out in the wild being held by the public. 

Hotbit, Uniswap and Mercatox combined have only 2.3 million BXR in total (and 400k of that is mine that I bought all the way down). When the smart money gobbles up that small available BXR supply at these bargain basement prices, BXR will be primed to pop because there will be very limited supply ahead of an exciting new utility for the token.

And why will the smart money be gobbling up BXR? Because, with this latest pivot, Blockster has never been in a stronger position to create value for the BXR token.

The Blockster Club

A Web3 media company with a quality community and access to celebrities and premium brands provides the perfect opportunity to create The Blockster Club. BXR ownership (and DGTX ownership) will give different levels of access, status and privilege within The Blockster Club, much like a premium NFT. 

For example, you must be holding a certain amount of BXR (or DGTX) to receive invites to our famous Blockster parties and events, both IRL and in the metaverse, and many other crypto events too. BXR holders will be eligible to win daily NFT and token giveaways, and to view premium content, and to buy Blockster’s high-end line of designer NFT sneakers, and to do many other cool pop-up things within The Blockster Club.

Just like a premium NFT, BXR’s true utility will be the access it gives you to the higher levels of The Blockster Club. But it’s better than an NFT because it will be way more liquid and listed on multiple exchanges.

With the dust settled on Blockster’s recent pivot, it’s time to officially relaunch the BXR token soon. I’m spending the next week writing it out and getting feedback and ideas for BXR utilities within The Blockster Club and then I’ll write the new whitepaper. We were too early trying to launch the token last year before the product was ready. This will be a rerun of the BXR token launch but this time it will be a runaway success. 

A successful BXR relaunch as part of The Blockster Club launch will re-establish the BXR value in the $1+ range, and from there I expect it to reach $20 in the coming years as Blockster becomes a premium brand in itself. The Blockster concept and product has in my opinion never been in a better position to succeed and with these tokenomics, the success of Blockster and the exponential growth of our community will directly transfer to the value of the BXR token. 

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  1. That sounds nice. What will happen to the DGTX token at the same time? Will there be any news about it, soon?

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