The Blockster Litepaper

Blockster Litepaper, BXR token

Blockster, the Culture of Web3

Blockster is a Web3 media company that covers content about Web3 pop culture and lifestyle. The Blockster ecosystem consists of:

  • Blockster Club
  • Blockster (BXR) Token
  • Blockster TV is our online publication that tells the most interesting stories in crypto. Glamorizing the crypto lifestyle and celebrating the blockchain hustle, Blockster talks to the founders, creators and celebrities who are bringing art, fashion, music and premium brands into the world of Web3.

Blockster Club

The Blockster Club is a members-only club for creatives, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts who embrace the Web3 culture. Members are called Blocksters, short for Blockchain Hustlers, and they enjoy special access to premium content, invites to exclusive events, parties and meetups (IRL and in the metaverse), special discounts on Blockster NFT collaborations and much more.

Blockster (BXR) Token

BXR is the membership token of the Blockster Club. Club members must stake different amounts of BXR to unlock varying levels of membership status, privileges and access within the club. The more Blockster Club members, the greater the demand for BXR.

Blockster TV

Blockster TV produces in-house streaming content covering the Web3 lifestyle and culture. Shows will include the Blockchain Hustler show, recorded in the Blockster Mansion in the metaverse, where our host interviews the founders, creators, celebrities and disruptors in the Web3 space. Several other show concepts are being developed that will glamorize and celebrate the Web3 lifestyle and attract mainstream audiences. 

Blockster Tokenomics

BXR is the membership token of the Blockster Club. You must stake BXR to become a Blockster Club member, also known as a Blockster. You achieve higher levels of membership status the more BXR you stake, which grants more privileges and more access within the club.

The Blockster Club is much more than a club – it’s a state of mind, an identity, an attitude. In time, Blockster will become a global movement of millions of people who proudly associate themselves with our blockchain hustler ethos and who aspire to live the Blockster lifestyle.

The success and popularity of the Blockster Club will directly reflect on the level of demand for BXR from its members. 

Stake BXR to become a Blockster and get:

  • Unlimited access to content on
  • Exclusive event invites (IRL & Metaverse)
  • Exclusive opportunities to join upcoming NFT whitelists
  • Discounted prices on Blockster NFT collaborations
  • Access to regular giveaways, metaverse scavenger hunts and airdrops
  • Access to members-only Discord channels

BXR Token Supply & Distribution

BXR is an ERC20 token with a limited maximum supply of one hundred million (100,000,000) tokens. It is impossible to mint any more BXR for any reason. 

BXR on CoinMarketCap

Current BXR distribution:

Company Treasury59,000,000 BXR (59%)
Private Sales21,000,000 BXR (21%)
Team 13,000,000 BXR (13%)
Advisors5,000,000 BXR (5%)
Public Sales & Airdrops2,000,000 BXR (2%)

View BXR Holders on etherscan:

The following wallets contain the combined total of the company treasury:








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