The BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT in Good Spirit

BAYC Ape Fest Kicks Off NYC NFT

NYC NFT Week officially kicks off this week! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably come across dozens of Bored Ape YC posts on Twitter, sharing their stories about the upcoming NYC Ape Fest.  

Of all the NFT communities, the Bored Ape community does have a tendency to get particularly creative with their photos, to say the least. But with the recent downturn of the NFT market leading up to NYC NFT Week, it seems that the Ape Fest spirit is exactly what the NFT community needs right now.

Thousands of people from across the world are still making their way to the Big Apple to be a part of the NFT movement. The community of the creatives and the disruptors is bigger than ever with an estimated 7000 other NFT events happening all of this week. Of course, the NYC Ape Fest is one of the most prominent NFT events.

Although it will be impossible to cover everything that’s happening, Blockster will at least try to cover all the key highlights and takeaways from this week. In the meantime, in the spirit of NYC NFT Week, here are 10 awesome BAYC posts and people to follow on Twitter.

(Since we’ve published this article on Sunday, we’ve decided to add a few more Twitter posts to this article. Enjoy!)

Check them out and happy aping!

Oh, and this Bored Ape was just purchased on Opensea for 1024 ETH!!!

Stay tuned for more stories this from NYC NFT Week! Follow our socials @blockstercom to get all the latest stories about the crypto lifestyle.

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