The Founder of DeFi Protocol, Zebec Is Disrupting The Financial System

Sam Thapaliya, Founder of Zebec Protocol

Instead of the world running on pay cycles, imagine if the movement of money was continuous.

The traditional payroll system of bi-monthly payouts was something that did not make sense to the founder of Zebec, Sam Thapaliya. In 2017, the Nepalese CEO wrote a paper predicting that the future would see money moving continuously like self-driving cars, backed by a smart contract — but according to Sam, “no one understood.” Then a conversation with friends a few years later sparked the idea to build Zebec, a DeFi technology built on Solana that ensures timely, uninterrupted payment processes and streams.

Zebec is spearheading the evolution of how money is moved on the blockchain, creating the model for the future of on-chain payments. “Our goal is to enable the world in which everyone is being paid in real time, so that you are not relying on payment lending. You have access to wages in real time so you’re not relying on any authority to hold your pay,” shared the 24 year-old founder.

This evolution of pay cycles will evolve the concept of credit as well. “Now your pay cycle is going to be how many cents you’re earning every second, and how many of those cents you are able to pay back your debt,” according to Thapaliya.

“Being able to pay in real time, your interest rate will go down because you’re much more reliable for the lenders,” he explains. According to Sam, with this concept, the payee receives their money faster, thus compounding their money faster at the same time their interest rates go down.

This new model of money moving perpetually comes from a man who grew up during a civil war, under a dictator of a communist government. Thapaliya, who grew up in Nepal, experienced a centralized government and lack of freedom. He was not introduced to technology until the age of 13 when he first began writing code and building software.

His foray into crypto began in 2017 when he moved to the U.S. and bought Ethereum at a low price. Riding the wave and starting multiple companies, Sam is now working to disrupt the financial system with Zebec — among many other pending endeavors.

“The things that can be built on top of Zebec, we haven’t even thought of yet. Imagine one day, paying for your Netflix by the second. And only paying for the seconds of the content that you have watched.”

Sam Thapaliya, CEO of Zebec

“Right now we’re focusing on payments, but over time it will open up to payments outside of payroll to subscription and other markets as well.” Zebec has also created ZAApps: A fully functional one-stop app store for DeFi projects on Solana. 

To watch Sam Thapaliya’s full interview on The Blockchain Hustler, click the video below.

With the backing of Solana Ventures, Coinbase, Circle Ventures and more, Sam and his team at Zebec have raised over $30 million dollars and are at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

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