Tesla Helped Patch a Bug in The Bitcoin Payment Processor

The fact is also that Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin only a few short weeks back, further proving that both the company and its CEO are truly serious about the emerging industry.

However, what really surprised everyone is that none other than Tesla reported a bug in the Bitcoin payment processor’s open-source software and wallet, BTCPay Server.

A number of questions immediately flooded my mind — why is Tesla, an electric car maker, reviewing a Bitcoin payment processor? Are the companies somehow collaborating? Does Tesla use BTCPay’s platform?

Of course, none of these questions have received an answer as of yet, and it’s not like they keep me up at night, but it is interesting to consider how deeply into crypto will the company go and whether or not the people can expect the company to launch its own crypto product at some point?

But, speculation about that aside, what actually happened here is that Tesla audited the software, found a bug, and disclosed it to the software’s developers. It then even helped them create a fix, which was implemented before the bug’s public disclosure. The question of why was Tesla reviewing the project’s code is still in the air, but given that Elon Musk said that Tesla uses open-source software to process payments, that would indicate either that this is the company that Tesla is using or that it plans to employ a different service, and that it reviewed it before switching to it.

BTCPay is around four years old at this point, and it is a trustworthy and popular wallet, used for charitable efforts, merchants, various companies, and alike. In the end, if Tesla does intend to work with the firm, it did not choose poorly. As for the bugs, everyone knows that they can be found in any software if you look at the right spot. The wallet was quick to react, it was big enough to accept Tesla’s help in removing the issue, and today, it is much better and safer as a result.

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