Technical Analysis On Whether Altcoin Season Has Begun

Even those of us who have been holding XRP for a bit of a while are now back in the green. XRP is currently selling for nearly $2 regardless of the legal issues Ripple is currently facing in the US. The impressive price action seen over the past two weeks has brought back the argument this altcoin will be the “standard” crypto.

Whether valid or not, this narrative continues to pick up momentum so that my fellow XRP token holders and I can finally enjoy the profits we once promised.

Now that even Paris Hilton is being interviewed by CNBC for her take on crypto, it seems like we are going back to the ICO mania of 2017. The only difference is that the erosion of trust in the global financial system has seen a significant exodus of capital from the traditional markets over to crypto this time around.

Even Tesla’s Elon Musk said to have bought Dogecoin for his son, X Æ A-12 so that he can be a “toddler hodler.”

The truth of the matter is that interest in altcoins is skyrocketing, and the Altcoin Season Index suggests that “It’s Altcoin Season!” With cryptocurrencies like Chiliz pumping more than 1,600% over the past two months, the time has come to place bets on any coin that has not surged enough to see if it actually follows suit.

Do you remember the good old days when allocating $100 in an altcoin could generate massive returns? Well, those times seem to be back. It is just a matter of doing your research to identify which altcoin would likely pump hard next.

If you happen to find one, please comment below and let me know so we can all profit together… To the moon!

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