Taking The Voyage With Voyager

Imagine banking, trading, and buying everyday goods all tied to a crypto account. This is the future that Voyager is pursuing: get rewarded for holding crypto; tell your friends and get rewarded for that too.

Voyager: Then and Now

Established in 2018, Voyager is a crypto brokerage service (not an exchange) with a sturdy value proposition: navigate the market and find the best prices for trades. Voyager connects to more than a dozen secure exchanges, offering investors speed, liquidity, and pricing all in one app. Voyager now supports upwards of eighty crypto assets. The company is FDIC insured for up to $250,000, which boosts trust and builds confidence for potential investors.

Voyager advertises services that are largely commission-free.

“We only make money when you save money.” – Voyager website

Yet this is only the beginning of what Voyager offers

Voyager’s Strategic Partnerships

Through its partnership with Mastercard, Voyager is introducing the Voyager Debit Mastercard. The card’s exact launch date is still unknown, but a waitlist is currently live. The card lets users spend USDC like cash and earn 9% just for holding the coin. Furthermore, this card has no annual fee.

Voyager also offers impressive rates for staking. Rates vary on what assets users hold, but customers can earn up to 12% on assets such as Polkadot. Those who invest in Voyager’s native token, VGX, have even more opportunities to make money.

Want to use crypto to trade regular stocks? Voyager is working on that too.

The company recently made headlines with their plan to allow customers to buy traditional stocks with USDC. Moves like this will turn up the heat on traditional brokerage firms like Charles Schwab.

Voyager: A Glimpse at the Future of Crypto

The most innovative companies in crypto continue to smash old business models and use the broken glass to create a stairway for regular people to build wealth.

Voyager understands the importance of an easy-to-use platform and app. For new users, cryptocurrency can be confusing. Voyager aims to simplify it. The team has designed a simple wallet and user-friendly trading experience, making the DeFi world accessible to everyone.

Meanwhile, Voyager’s ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly. They have created a place where crypto-fanatics earn rewards by simply holding cryptocurrency or using their favorite credit card–where people fed up with stock exchange games can pursue an alternative means to develop wealth.

Voyager is a place for new investors to learn, earn, and succeed. They are redefining what it means to be a Blockchain Hustler, and they are inviting everyone to the party.

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