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Coinbase Vs SEC – Why The War Is Just Beginning

This is probably best highlighted by the fact that since the start of 2021, the total capitalization of this yet nascent sector has risen from around $770 million to over $2.8 trillion, thus representing a growth of around 300%. Not only that, over the past...
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Bitcoin Futures ETF May Finally Debut Next Week, Bloomberg Report Says

Bitcoin Futures ETF could be approved Next WeekThe Bloomberg report cited sources familiar with the matter, who stated that some of the filings whose deadlines are close could get the regulator’s approval. Some of the funds that are most likely to debut trading from next...
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Why Did Uniswap Remove 100 Crypto Assets From Their Platform?

The platform, which recorded massive growth in both users and trading volume amid the DeFi boom, reported that its decision was fueled by growing regulatory scrutiny in the crypto-asset industry and the need to measure up with regulatory demands. Uniswap StatementA statement published on its...
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Why Is The SEC Going To War With Crypto?

The relationship between the US SEC and the crypto industry has always been an uneasy one, at best, as for years, the regulator remained skeptical of the crypto industry and unconvinced of its potential. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the SEC has always considered...
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SEC Chair Says That Congress Has Mandate To Ban Crypto

During the hearing held on October 5, Gensler stated that banning cryptocurrencies did not fall under the mandate of the SEC. “That would be up to the Congress,” he stated. SEC’s Mandate is in the Regulatory FrameworkGensler further illustrated that the mandate of the commission...
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Poloniex to Settle SEC Charges in the US — A Fresh Look at the Situation

A Progressing Crypto ExchangeDespite its lack of services like Binance, Poloniex still offers the standard quality service expected from a centralized exchange. The platform’s ownership change in 2019 is one of the reasons why it is progressing more and offering better services than before. Currently,...
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Crypto Exchange Poloniex to Settle SEC Charges in the US

On August 9th, 2021, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission announced that Poloniex LLC would pay $10.4 million to settle charges that they were operating an unlicensed exchange that facilitated the purchasing of digital asset securities. The SEC found that Poloniex failed to register...
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Crypto Trade Groups Can’t Stop Shortsighted Regulators

Usually, it revolves around the controversial Craig Wright and his outlandish claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto or when certain currencies think that they are legitimately starting to threaten Bitcoin’s hegemony. We’re looking at you ETH and BCH. Regulatory Problems However, the number one reason to...
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New OCC Head VS Crypto Regulations

On occasion, the financial watchdog published some vague guidelines, but most of its time was spent in trying to hunt down all ICOs that sold securities, and in warning the public against risks that crypto carries with it. Things Are Changing Though... On occasion, the...