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What To Expect From The Polkadot (DOT) Parachain Auctions?

If anything, the Kusama parachain auctions have indicated that things indeed get quite chaotic as projects scramble to bag the required tokens to meet their crowdloan target and ensure they bag a slot of the high-throughput, decentralized, fork-less base layer. While no official date has...
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PolkaDot Vs. Solana

IntroductionThe Blockchain world today engages in a race to develop the most scalable and secure blockchain networks. As a result, new blockchain networks have emerged, and subsequently new cryptocurrencies. Polkadot is a heterogeneous blockchain architecture, developed in the year 2016 by one of Ethereum's co-founders,...
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Which Is The Greenest Cryptocurrency?

Some environmental studies and other analysis have estimated that Bitcoin could be using the amount of energy some countries can use for an entire year. The second-largest crypto, Ethereum, has also not been so efficient when it comes to power usage. Which cryptocurrencies are the...
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How Can a Crypto be Ranked Differently on Different Websites?

These specifics create irregularity when measuring the outstanding number of coins, leading to divergent market capitalization analysis. This leads to an age-old question in crypto circles... Is Market Capitalization a Reliable Metric? Cryptocurrency traders have used market capitalization as the single most relevant metric. All...